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Walking in the Winter EPIC-Land Three Amazing
Christmas Gifts
from DFO

Get Christmas Fairy Creature

  • emvedemved
  • A Surprise Christmas Gift
    from DFO!
    Christmas is here in Arad once again! This Christmas,
    DFO's team manager Jerry will be giving away awesome presents!
    Do not miss out on the event rewards given out
    over the month of December!
  • GIFT1

    Christmas Fairy
    Creature Box


    Arad Noble Set


    Lv.85 Epic Weapon
    Lv.80 Epic Armor


Just log in and this cute Christmas
fairy creature is yours!

Event Period: Dec 1 ~ Dec 31

Just click the ‘Get Christmas Fairy Creature’ button on top of the page and
log in to receive Christmas Fairy Creature Box in your in-game mailbox!

Christmas Fairy Creature Box

Receive a Christmas Fairy Creature of your choice.
(Account Bound Deleted on Jan 03, 2017)

  • Merry Christmas Fairy

  • Amazing Christmas Fairy

  • Grace Christmas Fariy

Option: Physical/Magical Critical + 10% | STR, INT, VIT, SPI + 25
Skill: Toy of Sparkling World (Cures all harmful status effects of a character.)


Return to DFO now and receive
an Arad Noble Set!

Event Period: Dec 6 ~ Jan 17

To celebrate the new year, we will be giving out avatars designed based on
Korean traditional clothing! You can only receive it if you participate in
December’s event, so log in to DFO NOW!


Epic Road returns for a limited time!

Event Period: Dec 20 ~ Jan 17

Epic Road is back and better than ever!
Don’t miss this chance to obtain Lv. 85 Epic Weapons and Lv. 80 Epic Armors without Demon Invitations!

Obtainable Items

All epic items can be obtained in the specified level range, including the epic items listed below.

Epic Weapons (Lv. 60~85)

Epic Armors (Lv. 60 ~ 80)

Have you checked out all the details of this awesome Christmas event?
Don’t forget to redeem your 1st Christmas Gift!

Get Christmas Fairy Creature

[Please Note]

  • Christmas Fairy Creature can only be received once per account.
  • Items sent via mail will remain in the mailbox for 15 days before expiring.
  • Season Server characters cannot participate in this event and Christmas Fairy Creature can only be redeemed on the main server.
  • Arad Noble Set box can be obtained by participating in the [PLAY DFO Event] starting on DEC 6.
    The box contains an advanced avatar set (untradable, cannot be combined/converted/disassembled) 8 parts for your class.

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Get Christmas
Fairy Creature