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Wild Wild Safari Jun 16 ~ Jul 21, 2015 until maintenance

Avatar 5 Parts + Clone Avatar 8 Parts + Aura Avatar + Silver Emblem Box 8EA + Safe Upgrade Kit

Trade is allowed only one time for packages.
For Fighter(M&F), weapons are not displayed with avatar equipped.
For avatar only purchase, Wild Safari Package(Untradable) is sold for 750 Cera.

BONUS 01. Aura Avatar - Wild Wild Safari Aura Avatar Box(You can choose from three distinctive colours.)




! NOTE Aura Avatar Box is account bound.>
Aura Avatar Box will be deleted on 09:00 Sep 1, 2015 (UTC).
Party Teleportation cool-down is five minutes.

BONUS 02. Silver Emblem Box - Silver Emblem Box X8

Silver Emblem Box will be deleted on 09:00 Sep 1, 2015 (UTC).
If you want to keep the appearance of the current avatar and apply bonus stats on it, you can crown it with clone avatar.

BONUS 03. Safe Upgrade Kit - Safe Upgrade Kit

Safe expanded to maximum is not applicable for the Kit.
Safe Upgrade Kit will be deleted on 09:00 Sep 1, 2015 (UTC).