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Information about Adventurer Academics


Mar 22, 2018 (UTC)

Greetings, adventurers!

This is the place where all useful guides created by adventurers like yourself are stored and shared to others.
Since these guides are made by seasoned adventurers, it may contain useful tips and know-hows that may not be available on the official guide.

Currently, this page contains guides from the winners of the Share Your Expertise event in December 2017.
We are planning to add more guides through occasional events in the future, so please visit frequently!

For bug reports/site improvements, please send a customer support ticket


■ To Guide Creators

Your guides will be helpful to many adventurers as long as it's kept online! Please don't remove them!
Also, we would greatly appreciate it if you can update the guides periodically.

If you would like to change the title of your guide, thumbnail image or change the link,
please contact

Here are the restrictions for each category.

  • Title: Less than 30 characters (including spaces)
  • Guide Description: Less than 200 characters (including spaces)
  • Thumbnail Image: 200*140 size jpg. or png. file


Furthermore, if your guide becomes inaccessible,
or has inappropriate content, (ex. Impersonifying, Hacking/Illegal Website Advertisement, Racism, etc,)
it may be subject to deletion without prior notice and your account may be sanctioned.


■ If you would like to share your guide on Adventurer Academics

Unfortunately, we do not have a feature to allow adventurers to directly register a guide to Adventurer Academics yet. Details about how this page will be operated are still being sorted out.
In the meantime, we are planning to add guides through occasional events.

If you would like to still your guide regardless of an event,
please send your guide to following the template below

Category Details
Guide Title Write the official guide title that will be displayed on the official website.
Less than 30 characters (including spaces)
Guide Description General description of your guide.
Less than 200 characters (including spaces)
Server / IGN / Class -
Link to Guide Write the path/link to your guide.
All guides must be available to public so that anyone can view it.
Guide Thumbnail 200*140 size jpg, png file


Thank you.


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