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Trading and Auction Hall

Trading with Users

How to Trade

- By trading, you can exchange items with other adventurers.
- You can request a trade with another player by typing /tr (character name) in chat or by clicking on another player and selecting the Trade menu from the drop-down.

- Once the other player accepts the trade, the item trade window will open.
- Enter the amount of Gold you wish to trade by clicking the Gold icon or drag-drop items from your inventory.

Auction Hall

Accessing the Auction Hall

- The Auction Hall is a system for trading items conveniently.
- You can access the Auction Hall by pressing ESC and clicking on Auction. It can also be accessed through the hotkey B while in Town.


- Enter the name of the item that you wish to purchase or browse the categories on the left.

- Purchased items will be sent to your mailbox.


- Click the [Register Item] button on the bottom left to register an item you wish to sell. You can register up to 10 items at once.

Raid Loot Auction System

- Clear the Ozma Raid at Chaos Level 1 – 3 to obtain loot based on the drop rate for each Level. You can bid on the loot to win it. Won loot will be Mailed to you.
- After the auction, the winning bid amount minus the service fee will be distributed via Mail to all the participants.
- Loot auction messages are stored for up to 15 days.

Loot Auction Menu Details

- Bid Now: Auto-bid 5% more Gold than the current highest bid. The Gold is immediately deducted from your wallet.
- Enter Bid: Manually place a bid above the minimum bid. The Gold is immediately deducted from your wallet.
- Account Vault: Withdraw Gold from your Account Vault.
- Highest Bidder: The highest bidder can't place additional bids. If the highest bidder is renewed, then the previous bidder's Gold will be returned. If the returning Gold exceeds your character's carrying limit, then the entire amount will be Mailed to you.
- Loot Destruction: If no bid is placed on an item, then the item will be destroyed.

Loot Auction Restrictions

- Personal trading is restricted during loot auctions.
- You can leave your Raid Group, change channels, move to the Character Selection window, or close the game, but if you do, you can't rejoin the auction.

Loot Auction Highest Bid Limit

- You can't bid past your character's Gold carrying limit.

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