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Find The Gold Bars


Oct 08, 2019 (UTC)

Pumpkin Ball spends his days eating crackers and selling items to adventurers in the Black Market.
Feeling bored with his daily grind, he has devised a simple but interesting game to play against his customers.




+1 Chance every day upon logging in, +1 Chance for every 2 Optimal Level Dungeon clears. (up to 5x/shared by account)

Your remaining chances can be found on [Chances Left Today]. If you have chances remaining, you can participate on the event

When you click on one of the rows, a chance will be deducted immediately.
You can click 4 times per chance.

Up to 3 Gold Bars can be found and obtained Gold Bars will be sent to your mailbox. (Expiry: 15 days)

If you fail to find gold bars, (find 0) you will get a Earnest Desire for Gold Bars item to your mailbox.



Shiny Gold Bar or Earnest Desire For Gold Bars can be exchanged for items at Pumpkin Ball's Shop in Seria's Room.

Item Contents Price Limit
Antimatter Particle Box (5) Contains 5 Antimatter Particles. Shiny Gold Bar x 10 3 per account/week
Sky Fragment (100) Contains 100 Sky Fragments. Shiny Gold Bar x 10 2 per account/week
Refined Terranium Box (1) Contains 1 Refined Terraniums. Shiny Gold Bar x 3 -
Sparkling Recovery Potion Restore 30% HP/MP. Earnest Desire For Gold Bars
x 1


#Please Note

  • This event is shared by account.
  • Daily Login chance is reset at 09:00 UTC.
  • Optimal Level Dungeon login chance is reset at 09:00 UTC.
  • 1 chance is given per 2 Optimal Level Dungeon clears. You can earn up to 5 additional chances.
  • Each chance allows you to click 4 times. You will get the gold bars you find with 4 clicks to your mailbox. A total of 3 Gold Bars are hidden in the game area.
  • If you close the window before clicking 4 times in the game area, the game will be saved. Once you click all 4 times, the game area will be reset.
  • The total amount of gold bars you found can be checked on the bottom of the event calender. Earnest Desire For Gold Bars can be found in the inventory.
  • All items are account-bound (except Antimatter Particle, Refined Terranium) and will be deleted on OCT 22, 09:00 UTC.
  • If you acquire a Shiny Gold Bar after using 2 Earnest Desire For Gold Bars, you must move to the character screen and reconnect for it to be reflected on the event calendar.


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