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Do you want to build a valentine~?


Feb 02, 2016 (UTC)


Do you want to 'build' a valentine?
Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!


Period : Feb 2 ~ Feb 23, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance

Target : All characters


Happy Valentines Day, adventurers!
Love is in the air in Arad. Join us and we will send you a sweet chocolate!
Collect the chocolates to complete the word 'Valentine' to receive a Valentines Day title!



#1. Receiving the Chocolate


Log on to DFO right now to receive a sweet chocolate and a heartphone to spread your love!




Valentine Box

Contains 5 chocolates and 10-100 Love Heartphones.

 * Mails are deleted after 1 day.





#2.  Make the word 'Valentine'


Eat 5 chocolates to complete a letter!




Sweet Chocolate

Travel around the town covered in chocolate for 60 seconds.
Increases amount of gold dropped by monsters in dungeon for 1 time.








#3.  Claim the Title


When you complete the word, you can receive a title in the color of your choice!




Valentine Title Box

Can choose one from pink or mint colored Valentine Titles. 
(Has equal stats)


* Title Stats *
Inventory Weight +2.14kg
HP/MP MAX +214
Town Movement Speed +5%



#4.  Bonus


Send your love with the heartphone!

  ▼ When Megaphone is used

▼ Love Heartphone




Love Heartphone

Your speech bubbles changes to a Heart on use.




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