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Don't Be Alone!!!


Feb 23, 2016 (UTC)


Period : Feb 23 ~ Mar 22, 2016 (UTC), until maintenance

Event Target : All Characters


The poor little baby bear has lost her family!
Please help her in dungeons until she finds her family again!
You will be able to become her friend by helping her in dungeons!



                Q. How can I become closer with the bear?



A. It’s easy! You just have to login to DFO during the given period and hunt!
   You just have to login 6x during the 4 week period! Easy, right?
   Just remember, you must login during the given period or you will miss your one of your chances!



                Q. How do I hunt?



A. So, you are curious how you can help the little bear?
   You just have to clear optimal level dungeons 5x during the given period!
   If the given period is from today till the day after tomorrow, you can clear 2x today and 3x tomorrow, and you are good!



                Q. How do I know I am gaining friendship with the bear?



A. Aha, good question!
   The bear will give you a stamp as a proof of you helping her.
   You can receive gifts depending on the number of stamps you've earned.




                Q. Can you tell me what kind of gifts you have in store for me?



A. Of course! Look here!


Can you tell me in more detail?

Hmm... alright! Take a look down here!





  Sweetened Honey Pot (20%)

  Contains 5x Skeleton Keys and 5x Kaleido Boxes.

  Sweetened Honey Pot (40%)

  Contains a Hero-R which can be used during the event period.

  Baby Bear's Pouch

  Contains a cute baby bear creature.

  Sweetened Honey Pot (60%)

  Contains 15x Coins and 15x HP/MP Potion of Heaven.

  Sweetened Honey Pot (80%)

  Contains a Baby Bear Upgrade Ticket and a Creature Renaming Ticket.

  Sweetened Honey Pot (100%)

  Contains 15x Skeleton Keys and 15x Kaleido Boxes.  


Awww! Look!
   A cute baby bear!

It’s so cute isn’t it? The baby bear will become brave and help you if you become her friend!




Shy Baby Bear

*  Creatures Attributes  *
Town Movement Speed +15%

Brave Baby Bear

*  Creatures Attributes  *
Town Movement Speed +15%
Physical/Magical Defense +20
Independent Attack +40

Creature animation


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