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Airship Tales


Jul 09, 2024 (UTC)


How to Participate

Complete event quest through
NPC Sella Errthing in Seria's Room.

After completing the quest, you can participate the event
by clicking on the icon() at the bottom of the screen.



Load up special goods in city and set sail across the see to discover new places! Beware of encountering powerful monsters during your voyage!

Enhance your airship to the voyage to new cities.
Upgrade your airship with silver coins collected from trading
and voyages, or purchase airships from the cities you visit.



Embark on adventures every day
and complete various missions.

Exchange the Voyage Tokens you earn from adventures
at the Sella Errthing Shop to earn massive rewards!





Voyage Guide #1

① Airship Info. Durability Shows Durability that is required for movement, battle, and checking objects.
(Consumed durability is reset daily at 09:00 UTC)
Combat Power Shows the Combat Power of your fleet.
More powerful Monsters can be defeated according to your Combat Power.
Silver Coin Can be used within the event to purchase and upgrade Airships as well as purchasing Special Goods.
More can be obtained by defeating Monsters or by voyaging.
② City Info. Shows the City you are currently moored at and Special Goods of the current City.
Each City has 3 Special Goods, and 1 among them will be unlocked upon reaching certain requirements.
③ City Activities Shipyard Access Purchase / Upgrade / Warehouse functions for Airships through this menu.
Trading Post At the Trading Post, you can buy Special Goods or sell the ones you brought on your airship.
Silver Coins are consumed to purchase these goods. Trade between cities to earn a profit!
Tavern Silver Coins can be consumed to obtain various information that is helpful for the sailing.
Set Sail Set off on a voyage automatically or manually.
④ Other Info. Fleet Info Shows the list and stats of Airships you own and information on Treasure you have obtained from the minigame.
Owned Special Goods Shows Special Goods you own and the prices of Special Goods in each City.
Prices for Cities' Special Goods change daily.
Mission Comprised of Daily and Accumulated Missions, these provide various rewards.



Voyage Guide #2

  • You can purchase airships using silver coins.
  • The better the performance of the airship, the more advantageous it will be for the voyage (travel, trade, and combat).
  • You can own up to 10 airships.


  • Information about the selected airship will be displayed.
  • You can upgrade the airship's performance by paying silver coins.
  • Airship upgrades are available up to Lv.3.
  • You can also sell airships if you want to.
  • Information about your airships and fleet will be displayed.
  • You can form a fleet with your owned airships.
    Fleet stats are calculated by combining durability, combat power, and storage size.
  • Fleet configuration can be changed once per day, the change count will daily reset at 09:00 UTC.
  • Each city displays a list of three Special Goods for sale.
  • One of these is unique that can be purchased after meeting certain unlock conditions.
  • You can buy up to 10 units of each item, and the purchasable quantity resets daily at 09:00 UTC.
  • You can profit by selling the Special Goods you have transported on your airship.
  • At the tavern, you can drink beverages and gather useful information that helps with navigation.
  • This includes hints for unlocking unique Special Goods in the city, information about monsters near the city, and Speical Goods Trends.
  • You can set sail on an automatic voyage to Cities that you have already discovered.
  • Automatic Voyage can only be initiated if the airship has more durability than required for the sailing.
  • You can also manually navigate the sea by using the keyboard's directional keys.
  • By Manual Voyage, you can discover hidden treasure, and sights or battle with monsters.


Voyage Guide #3

① Minimap The entire minimap is composed of a 6X6 grid, allowing you to
see the area where the airship is currently located overall terrain.
Durability is consumed each time you move beyond one square on the minimap.
② Voyage Screen You can manually navigate the sea by using the keyboard's directional keys.
The effects of the treasures you possess are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
[Sailing Encounters] City You can buy and sell Special Goods in each city.
When you discover a new city, you can check its Special Goods and their prices.
Object You can gain positive benefits by discovering Silver Coin Pouch, Treasure Chest, and Sights.
Obstacles Stormy Route and Storms are obstacles that hinder the movement of the airship.
Durability is consumed upon encountering these obstacles.
You can bypass them while navigating.
Monster Monsters can be found throughout the sea.
The color of the monster's name is determined by how it compares to your fleet's current combat power.
The strength order is as follows:

Gray < White < Green < Orange < Red.
You can attack or flee upon encountering a Monster.
Choosing to flee allows you to avoid combat with a Monster.
Engaging in combat consumes durability, and the stronger the monster, the higher the chance of defeat.
You cannot flee from battles with boss monsters.
Victory: You will earn silver coins.
Defeat: You will lose some of your local specialties and silver coins.



Event Mission Main Rewards

Complete the Airship Tales event missions to earn various rewards.
The main rewards are listed below, and there are many more valuable rewards to discover in the game!

Icon Item Description
Sella Errthing Card [Card Upgrade Material]
Can be used only as Card Upgrade Material. Has the same chance to succeed as regular legendary cards when used as upgrade material.
Can only be used by Legendary grade Cards.
Card is given as account-bound and permanent.
Creature Growth Stone A stone that causes Creatures to grow.
Forces Creatures to become enlarged, but it has no side-effects.
This item's effect lasts for 10 minutes.
Its effect disappears when you leave town.
Airship Creature Selection Box Contains 1 of 3 types of Airship Creatures of your choice (excluding the Philasia).
Creature is given as untradable/permanent.

[Available Creatures]

- Combat Airship - Calamity

- Exploration Airship - Highroader

- Transport Airship - Annuai
Character Size Reduction Costume Shrinks your character for 30 seconds when used in town. (Cooldown: 60 sec.)
Can't be used in dungeons.
Character Size Increase Costume Enlarges your character for 30 seconds when used in town. (Cooldown: 60 sec.)
Can't be used in dungeons.



Sella Errthing Shop

Icon Item Description Price Purchase Limit
Unique Artifact Selection Box Contains 1 Red, Blue, or Green Creature Artifact of your choice.
Obtained Artifact is permanent and cannot be traded/sealed/transcended.
※ Available for purchase after discovering all 8 cities in the Airship Tales.
1500 1 per account
100% +10 Amplification Ticket Has a 100% chance to Amplify the selected equipment to +10, regardless of its current level.
※ Available for purchase after discovering 7 cities in the Airship Tales.
1000 1 per account
Silver Amplification Grimoire Adds a Dimensional ability of your choice and Amplifies items from +3 to + 6.
Overwrites the target item's current Amplification level.
Can't be used on Otherversal Energy equipment, and the same Dimensional ability can't be added more than once.
Can only be used on Rare or higher-grade equipment at Lv. 55 or above.
750 1 per account
Airship Creature Box [Philasia] Contains a Philasia Creature.
Obtained Creature is untradable/permanent.
500 1 per account
Creature Skin Slot Expansion Ticket Right-click this item to expand your Creature Skin slots.
Can't be used if your current character already has already expanded Creature Skin slots.
Add a Creature to the new Creature Skin slot to update its animation.
* The Creature's options, skills, or skill charge time can't be changed.
When you use the Creature's skills, its original appearance is displayed.
500 1 per account
Sella Errthing Card [Card Upgrade Material]
Can be used only as Card Upgrade Material. Has the same chance to succeed as regular legendary cards when used as upgrade material.
Can only be used by Legendary grade Cards.
Card is given as account-bound and permanent.
500 1 per account
Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll/Conversion Spell Box Contains a Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll and Conversion Spell. 350 1 per account
Safe Reinforcement/Amplification Material Selection Box (1000/500) Contains 1 of the following items of your choice used for Safe Reinforcement and Safe Amplification.

[Selectable Items]
- Condensed Leiern Core x1000
- Radiant Harmonious Crystal x500
150 3 per account
Custom Epic Equipment Selection Box Contains 1 Lv. 105 Untradable Custom Option Epic Armor, Accessory, or Special Equipment of your choice. (Option levels are fixed to Lv. 1.) 350 2 per account
Warped Dimension Cube Box (5) Contains 5 Warped Dimension Cubes[Account-Bound]. 120 2 per week
Power Essence Box (3) Contains 3 Power Essence. 50 3 per week
Delilah's Repair Coupon (All Parts) [Delilah's Service]
Fully repairs all your equipment free of charge.
Requires 1 or more Equipment items with decreased durability.
25 3 per week
Suspicious Purple Recovery Potion A recovery potion known for its powerful restoration. It is a bit suspicious as no one knows who made it or how, but it's potency is quite legitimate. Shares cooldown with Remy's Touch and Remy's Sparkling Touch. 5 -


# Please note

  • All unused event rewards will be deleted at 09:00, AUG 20, 2024 UTC.
  • The event and its progress is shared by account.

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