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Double Hell Party Returns


Apr 10, 2018 (UTC)

Double Hell Party has returned!
Play Rock-Paper-Scissors against Memet for a chance to spawn hell monsters again with higher epic drop rate!


  • Period : APR 10-APR 24, 2018(UTC) until maintenance
  • Eligibility: Characters who can activate Hell Mode in Power Station, Castle of the Dead and Metro Center. 



Double Hell Invitation is required to enter Double Hell Mode. Double Hell Invitation can be exchanged for 30 Demon Invitations from Little Memet in Seria's Room.

When you are ready, click on DOUBLE button to activate Double Hell Mode in dungeon selection screen.

Enter Double Hell Mode and defeat hell monsters. When all hell monsters are defeated, Memet will appear with a Rock-Paper-Scissors board.

Make your choice by standing on one of the board and press SPACE BAR to confirm. You have 30 seconds!


Additionally, 5 Double Hell Invitations can be purchased at the CERA Shop for 500 CERA or 500 Mileage.



One of the following will be activated according to the result of Rock-Paper-Scissors game.

  • WIN : Hell monsters will reappear with DOUBLE epic drop rate!
  • TIE : Hell monsters will reappear with same drop rate.
  • LOSE : You will pay for the choice you have made. You will receive a Double Token() as a reward.



Red Memet has a higher chance of choosing ROCK. Green Memet has a higher chance of choosing PAPER. Blue Memet has a higher chance of choosing SCISSORS.



Don't be sad because you've lost at Rock-Paper-Scissors! 
You can exchange Double Tokens for valuable items at Little Memet's shop!

Reward Description Price Limit
Double Hell Invitation Allows you to enter Double Hell Mode. Demon Invitation
x 30
10 per account / day
Hell Party Ticket Allows you to enter Hell Mode. Double Token x 10 10 per account / day
Life Token Resurrects you when you die in dungeons. Double Token x 1 -


# Please Note: 

  •  If you do not make your choice within 30 seconds, Memet will disappear.
  •  Double Hell Mode can be activated only in Power Station, Castle of the Dead and Metro Center.
  •  You need to complete Hell Party Episode quests in order to activate Double Hell Mode.
  •  Double Hell Invitations can be bought 10 times per day.
  •  Double Hell Invitations, Double Token, Hell Party Tickets and Life Tokens expire at 09:00 UTC on APR 24, 2017.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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