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Wyatt's men have started attacking

Hill Town in order to rescue Wyatt!

The sheriff has called Varracht and

the adventurer for help. Ride out

the crossfire and defeat these scoundrels

until the escort carriage arrives!

A lunatic with dynamite all over his body.

He is very loyal to Wyatt and may detonate

at any time. Be careful!

Varracht, the sheriffs, and the adventurer need

to escort Wyatt to catch the 4:10 train to Arden.

However, Wyatt’s men are resoluteand will

not stop trying to sabotage the mission.

Protect the carriage until you reach

the train!

Reward will be based on the amount of

HP remaining on the carriage.

You must protect it so that it receives

minimal amount of damage.

Adventurer’s crew successfully escorted

Wyatt to the train and everything seemed to

be over. However, the feeling of victory was

short lived as they received news that

the train has been hijacked by Wyatt.

Reclaim the train and stop Wyatt once

and for all!

Feared as the best gunman of this era,

Wyatt is a man who knows his guns.

He is especially fond of revolvers and shotguns.

Rarely sober and always seen with a cigar,

he is not to be taken lightly- for it is when he is

drunk that he is the most dangerous.

Western Romanticist’s
Weapon Box
Obtain a Western Romanticist weapon of your choice. (untradable) 50 1 per account
Wild Romanticist’s
Armor Box
Obtain 5 Wild Romanticist’s armor pieces of your choice. (untradable) 250 1 per account
Wild Romanticist’s
Accessory Box
Obtain Wild Romanticist's accessories. (Necklace, Ring, Bracelet) (Untradable) 150 1 per account
Wild Romanticist’s
Special Equipment Box
Obtain Wild Romanticist's special equipment. (Sub Equipment, Magic Stone) (Untradable) 100 1 per account
Chief Deputy’s Bead Box Obtain one of the following items of your choice:
+12 to [Fire], [Water], [Light], [Shadow] Element Bead, or +10 [All] Elemental Bead.
Beads can be used on accessories. (Necklace, Rings, Bracelets)
200 1 per account
Sheriff’s Bead [Fire] Add +5-12 Fire Damage to an accessory. 20 -
Sheriff’s Bead [Water] Add +5-12 Water Damage to an accessory. 20 -
Sheriff’s Bead [Light] Add +5-12 Light Damage to an accessory. 20 -
Sheriff’s Bead [Shadow] Add +5-12 Shadow Damage to an accessory. 20 -
Sheriff’s Bead [All] Add +3-10 All Elemental Damage to an accessory. 20 -
+12 Broken Revolver Obtain a common grade +12 Broken Revolver. (untradable) 20 2 per account
  • Once Upon a Time in Arad consumes 8 fatigue upon entering.
  • Dungeon entrance count is shared by account and resets at 09:00 (UTC) every day.
  • Entry is limited to 3 times per account/day across all dungeons. (Not 3 times for each dungeon.)
  • Rewards sold at Bell the Madam’s shop is account-bound but the contents may contain some untradable items.
  • Rewards sold at Bell the Madam’s shop and Sheriff’s Badge will be deleted during the maintenance on DEC 19th.