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Dec 20, 2016 ~ Jan 17, 2017


1+1 is not 2. I am sure most of you know what this means already.
What?!?! You don't know?!?! Well it just means an amazing event has begun!


Preparing the character for the event!
You can participate in the event, once per account. Please note that linked characters cannot be unlinked and
if you delete a linked character, you will not be able to participate in the event.

Two Lv. 15 or lower characters.
Willingness to burn all fatigue points!

Log in
Log in with your linked character.

Daily Play
Open the 1+1≠2 event UI and register the character. Repeat the process and register/link two characters.


Plenty of rewards will be given for your level-up efforts!
All rewards are untradable and will be deleted on JAN 17, 2017.

1st Reward

1 Level-up Ticket

When a linked character levels up, it will give a level up ticket to the other linked character.

For example, if the left linked character levels up from Lv. 15 to 20,
the linked character on the right will receive level up tickets that will take you to Lv. 20


2nd Reward

Growing Equipment

Various equipment will be given to help you level up.
After linking the characters, you will receive growing weapons, armors and accesory up to Lv. 75.


3rd Reward

Awakening Quest Clear Ticket

Allows you to easily clear the awakening quests.

When linked, you will receive 1st Awakening Clear Ticket,
Supplementary Story Quest Clear Ticket which can be used at Lv. 50.

  You will also receive 2nd Awakening Clear Ticket
and Supplementary Story Quest Clear Ticket which can be used at Lv. 75.


4th Reward

Selective Chronicle Box x3

When linked, you will receive a Selective Chronicle Box which can be used at Lv. 86.

** You can receive o
ne piece of Chronicle Set equipment from the Selective Chronicle Box.


      - Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team



Dungeon Fighter Online is arcade-type belt-scrolling action game mixed with RPG elements and epic storyline. Unlimited excitement awaits you.

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