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Dec 06, 2016 ~ Jan 17, 2017

Whether you are new or experienced, it doesn't matter!
Let us all play DFO together!


Period: Dec 6, 2016 ~ Jan 17, 2017 (UTC) until maintenance


Play DFO and collect trophies!
Play DFO during the event period and you can obtain 'Trophy(s)'.
Check below for how you can obtain trophies.

Daily Attendance
You can receive fixed amount of trophies just by logging in!

3 missions will be given per day and you can get trophies by clearing the missions.

Daily Play
Every day, you can get trophies by using certain amount of fatigue points or by clearing set number of optimal level dungeons.

■ Daily Attendance

Based on your status, you can receive even more trophies! Attendance reward can only be acquired once per account and is reset at fatigue reset time every day.

Account Status Accumulated Login Count Trophies Obtained (Get 2x during weekends)
Existing User 1st day 2
2nd day 4
3rd day 6
4th day 8
5th day 10
Seria's Greeting Status User 1st day 4
2nd day 8
3rd day 12
4th day 16
5th day 20
  • When you have met the requirements for bonus trophies, it will be shown on the UI.
  • Consecutive log-in has up to 5 levels and level does not decrease.
  • Weekend Bonus will be applied from SAT 09:00 ~ MON 08:59 (UTC).

■ Daily Play

On weekends, you can obtain double the rewards. (From Every Sat, 09:00 ~ Mon 08:59 (UTC))

Requirement Reward (Get 2x during weekends) Daily Limit
Use 20 Fatigue Points Get 1 Trophy Up to 10 per day
Clear Optimal Level Dungeon x 1 Get 2 Trophy

Trophy Shop

Exchange the trophies you've collected for rewards at Runa's shop!
Runa can be found in Seria's room.





Reward Details Price Limit
Arad Noble Avatar Set
(Click here to see avatar)
Receive a Arad Noble Avatar Set of your choice. 1000 1
Single-use Equipment Amplifier Amplification available with Portable Equipment Amplifier consumed. 30 20
Interdinensional Fragment(100x) Contains Interdimensional Fragment x100 50 5
Mysterious Demon Invitation Box Generates 2-100 Demon Invitations 30 30
Reinforcement Protection Ticket Protect an equipment from being destroyed when attempting to reinforce to +11 or higher. 300 1
Level-up Ticket(1-84) Increase character's level by 1. 80 2
1st Awakening Quest Clear Ticket Clears 1st Awakening Quest. 50 2
2nd Awakening Quest Clear Ticket Clears 2nd Awakening Quest. 50 2
Feat. Quest Clear Ticket Clears Feat. Quest. 50 2
Sub Equipment Quest Clear Ticket Clears Sub Equipment Quest. 50 2
Magic Stone Quest Clear Ticket Clears Magic Stone Quest. 50 2
Skeleton Key Package Contains 1-3 Skeleton Key. 70 15
Mileage 50 Generates 50 Mileage. 30 5
Otherverse x5 Bonus Entry Ticket Allows you to enter the Otherverse 5 more times. 20 10
Ancient Dungeon Free Pass Allows you to enter EX: Ancient Dungeon and Ancient Dungeon without entrance materials. 20 10
Recovery Fatigue Potion(100) Recovery 100 Fatigue Point. 5 -
Master Contract Package (1 Day) Contains 1 day supply of Tactician's, Conqueror's, Growth and Cube Contract. 30 30
Master Kaleido Box(Rare) Increase Rare Equipment items' grades and options to the maximum values. 25 1
Master Kaleido Box(Unique) Increase Unique Equipment items' grades and options to the maximum values. 50 1
Master Kaleido Box(Chronicle) Increase Chronicle Equipment items' grades and options to the maximum values. 75 1
Master Kaleido Box(Legendary) Increase Legendary Equipment items' grades and options to the maximum values. 100 1
Master Kaleido Box(Epic) Increase Epic Equipment items' grades and options to the maximum values. 150 1


Collect Play Points and purchase rewards!

  • Play Point is accumulated based on amount of fatigue spent. (1 Play Point per 1 fatigue point used.) And Play Point is accumulated at the point you clear the Optimal Level Dungeon.
  • When you collect enough points, you can get rewards. On weekends, you can get double the point.

■ Play Point Reward

Reward Details Limit
500 Point Reward
  • Deduct 500 play points
  • Contains 1 Hell Party Free Pass and 4 Level-up Ticket(1-25)
Can be redeemed up to 10x
1000 Point Reward
  • Deduct 1000 play points
  • Contains 2 Hell Party Free Pass and 3 Level-up Ticket(1-50)
Can be redeemed up to 5x
2000 Point Reward
  • Deduct 2000 play points
  • Contains 4 Hell Party Free Pass and 2 Level-up Ticket(1-75)
Can be redeemed up to 3x
3000 Point Reward
  • Deduct 3000 play points
  • Contains 6 Hell Party Free Pass and 1 Level-up Ticket(1-85)
Can be redeemed up to 2x
  • Play Points will be deducted upon redeeming the reward.
  • Each reward has a limit on how many times you can redeem it.
  • You cannot accumulate more than 3000 points. You must spend points in order to accmulate more points.


Arad Noble Avatar Set

  • Dark Knight Avatar has the same appearance as Male Slayer  Avatar.
  • Creator Avatar has the same apperance as Female Mage Avatar.

■ A Type


■ B Type


■ C Type


■ D Type



- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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