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The 5th DFO Fanart Contest - Winners Announcement


Aug 13, 2020 (UTC)

Greetings, adventurers!


We are glad to announce the winners of the 5th DFO Fanart Contest!


We received many amazing entries and we want to thank every adventurer who took the time and effort to participate in this event. We had a very difficult time selecting the winners, so we went ahead and chose 15 more adventurers as Honorable Mentions. Winners of the Honorable Mentions will receive a 'Social Media Event Reward' gift (100 Skeleton Keys, 5 Guide of Wisdom Tickets, Neo Premium Plus Contract 15 Days). Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to every one who participated in the event!


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[Grand Prize]

Beyond the Time / IGN: ImACat (Cain)



[Excellence Reward]

Sword Deity Rest
Karalle (Cain)
Usir's Knight
LamentD (Cain)


Sticker Art of Neo: Slayers
Ryugg (Cain)
Snowman Neo Demon Slayer
Zivven (Cain)



Full Moon Vagabond
Neo Queens
Neon: Awakening
The Blood-Crazed Avatar
Neo Demon Slayer VS Deicide
Queen of Thrones
Neo: Dark Templar
DFO Neo: Vagabond Fanart
A Vagabond's Rebirth
Prelude to Supreme Legion
Red Dog Forever!!!
Neo Asura Based on a 3a Cut in
Neo: Tsundere's Awakening
Beach Episode



[Honorable Mentions]

Title IGN
Dark Powers Gespaha
Sirocco Ready Anchoring
Vagabond Under the Moon sfclisa
Neo: Vagabond Awakening Frenezy
Neo: Demon Slayer WashingPole
Crimson Queen Stxer
Neo: Blade Master ljigen
Neo F Slayers VencirPaunch
Tea Time in Hendon Myre Melee
Neo:Vagabond and Neo:Asura TheNightKing
Soul Bender H4rlequin
Silent Gaze wuza
Pixel Neo: Male Slayer SoPuny
Hand-painted DFO Slayer Shoes Novalixe
So this is Neo Awakening... BokuNoCena


▣ To the Winners of the Contest

* All winners will need to send us the information below to to receive their prizes.
This information must be given to us before AUG 17, 2020. If you do not submit your information within the given timeframe, you will not receive your rewards!

IGN used when registering the Fanart  
URL of your Fanart Post  
Original work or the production process  


▣ To Grand Prize, Excellence Reward Winners

* The Grand Prize or Excellence Reward winners must send the following information to us to receive their offline merchandise.
This information will be used for shipping purposes only.

Shipping Address  
Recipient's Real Name  
Recipient's Contact Information  


▣ In-game Reward Distribution Date

Fan Art Contest Prize will be given on AUG 18 maintenance.
* If you do not submit your information within the given timeframe, you will not receive your in-game rewards! Please send it before the deadline.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

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