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DFO ExStream Tournament VI Contenders *UPDATED*


Sep 12, 2023 (UTC)

DFO PvP Tournament returns!

Here is the list of contenders and commentator for the upcoming DFO ExStream Tournament VI!




▒ Contenders

We want to appreciate all the participants who applied for the tournament!
After a thorough evaluation, we are thrilled to announce the 16 players who will be taking part in this year's DFO ExStream Tournament!

IGN Class Region
NovaPulser Neo: Berserker East
DokuekiHana Neo: Brawler East
Spawder Neo: Striker East
Lelouche Neo: Berserker East
BenAuton Neo: Monk East
Nyarly4ever Neo: Dimension Walker East
Miridia Neo: Grappler East
ThePanda Neo: Brawler East
TheFlashhhhh Neo: Exorcist East
Kwangy Neo: Launcher East
MsHeartbreak Neo: Rogue West
Synchroneity Neo: Weapon Master West
MeTheKyle Neo: Spitfire West
BloodyP Neo: Berserker West
Citron Neo: Elementalist West
MrHex Neo: Glacial Master West


- For communication purposes, we will be opening a private discord channel for all contenders and staff. Details regarding this matter will be sent via ticket to your registered email address.


▒ Commentator

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all the applicants for the commentator position!
After a detailed review of all the applications, we are delighted to announce that PARTYBUFFER will be the official commentator for this year's Tournament!
Join us in supporting PARTYBUFFER as he adds excitement to this thrilling competition!

Tournament  (Commentator)




▒ Schedule

DFO ExStream Tournament VI - SEP 22 (FRI) 02:00 UTC / 11:00 KST

Watch the tournaments live on DFO Twitch Channel!


▒ Tournament Format

[Single Elimination (Round 1), Double Elimination (Round 2)]

  • 16 players have been randomly matched against each other.
  • All rounds will be played in a best-of-five.
  • Round 1 will be played in Single Elimination format. Losers of Round 1 will be eliminated from the tournament. 
  • Round 2 will be played in Double Elimination format. Losers of Round 2 will be moved to the Loser's Bracket.
  • Once all matches of Losers Round 2 are finished, an additional match will be held to determine the 5th and 6th place.
  • The 2 contenders from Finals Round, 2 from Losers Round 3, and 5th place contender (total 5 contenders) will be chosen to participate in the Tournament Finals.


** Please refer to the bottom of the page for Tournament Rules and Regulations.


▒ Tournament Brackets


Round 1 (Single Elimination)

Round 2 - Semifinals (Double Elimination)

  • Top 5 players will qualify to participate in the tournament finals that takes place in Korea on November 2023.
  • 5th Place Winner : MrHex




General Rules:

   A. Match Format

  • Matches will be held in the PVP practice channel.
  • A 1vs1 match will be held between two participants in a custom game.
  • Online tournament matches and the finals in Korea will be decided in a best-of-five.
  • No players other than competing players and the observer are allowed in the custom-made PVP room.


   B. General Restrictions

  • Level Restriction: LV. 110+ character
  • Class Restriction: Only the following classes may participate in the tournament.
    1. Slayer(M): Blade Master, Soul Bender, Berserker, Asura, Ghostblade
    2. Slayer(F): Sword Master, Demon Slayer, Vagabond, Dark Templar, Spectre
    3. Fighter(M): Nen Master, Striker, Brawler, Grappler
    4. Fighter(F): Nen Master, Striker, Brawler, Grappler
    5. Gunner(M): Ranger, Launcher, Mechanic, Spitfire, Blitz
    6. Gunner(F): Ranger, Launcher, Mechanic, Spitfire
    7. Mage(M): Elemental Bomber, Glacial Master, Blood Mage, Swift Master, Dimension Walker
    8. Mage(F): Elementalist, Summoner, Battle Mage, Witch, Enchantress
    9. Priest(M): Crusader, Monk, Exorcist, Avenger
    10. Priest(F): Crusader, Inquisitor, Shaman, Mistress
    11. Thief: Rogue, Necromancer, Kunoichi, Shadow Dancer
    12. Knight: Elven Knight, Chaos, Lghtbringer, Dragon Knight
    13. Demonic Lancer: Vanguard, Skirmisher, Dragoon, Impaler
    14. Agent: Secret Agent, Troubleshooter, Hitman, Specialist
    15. Side Story Character: Dark Knight



Detailed Rules:

   A. Fair Arena

   With the addition of Fair Arena from Arena Season 5, the following system has been added from 2020.

  • Characters
    - Each Advanced class is given unique amounts of stats. Characters of the same Advanced class will have the same amount of stats.
  • Equipment
    - Equipment and Enchantment options will not be applied.
    - Weapon characteristics for each type will be retained. Weapons of the same type will have the same attack range.
  • CERA Shop Items
    - The options of CERA Shop items (titles, Avatars, and Creatures) will not be applied.
    - Cube Contracts will be applied. (Gold and Clear Cubes can't be selected.)

Accordingly, all contenders have no restrictions on Equipment and CERA Shop Items excluding following conditions.

  • Creature
    - All creatures must be unequipped during the Tournament.
  • Weapon Avatar
    - Weapon avatar must be unequipped during the Tournament.

Come and show off your fighting skills in tournaments with unique styles!


   B. Character Selection

  • Players will be able to swap characters after a loss within a best-of-five.
  • As so, multi characters can be participated during the Tournament.
  • Contenders must state which characters they will/may use in the Tournament in advance.


   C. Class Specific Regulations/Restrictions

  • Should an uncontrollable lag occur while summoner plays against other classes, a re-play of the match will be decided based on the HP of both players and the number of summoned monsters. 
    Judges will have the final decision and players may not stop the game without consent of the judges. Players should raise their hands to communicate to the judge but continue playing the game until the officials stop the match.
  • Should an uncontrollable lag occur while mechanic plays against other classes, a re-play of the match will be decided based on the HP and the skill cooldowns of each player.
    Judges will have the final decision and players may not stop the game without consent of the judges. Players should raise their hands to communicate to the judge but continue playing the game until the officials stop the match.
  • Using the map structure to permanently disable/stun the player with skills is not permitted.
    **All actions or plays that are deemed abusive by the judge may be subject to disqualification.


   D. Tournament Device

  • Contenders can participate in the matches using a keyboard or a controller(PS/Xbox).
  • For controller users, those who do not follow our Controller Support Policy will be disqualified.



Additional Rules:

   A. Match Rules

  • Two competing players will take turns hosting the match room
  • Maps will be played in the following order: Tavern - Tower of the Dead - Mount Thunderime - Final Pursuit - Odessa Streets
  • Players are restricted from performing any actions that may insult the other player or the observer, or have an impact on the gameplay of the other player 
  • Players are not allowed to randomly stop the match for any reason, and all players must follow the decision made by the judge


   B. Timekeeping

  • Participants must notify the staff that they are ready to start their match within 10 minutes of their scheduled group match time
  • Should a match be delayed for longer than 3 minutes, it will be considered as late and he/she will be disqualified
  • Should a situation occur where player exits the match purposely or by mistake, that player must report it to a staff member. Failing to do so may result in disqualification.
  • Should a player not arrive on time, 5 minute grace period will be given by default. Judges will ultimately decide whether a player has forfeited the match and disqualify him/her.




   A. Equipment Rule Violation

  • If a player does not comply with judge’s order to switch the equipment, they will be disqualified. No penalties will be given if they make the necessary adjustments.
  • Players are only allowed to switch equipment provided by us. If a player is found to have switched the equipment to something other than that was given, they will forfeit that round.


   B. Avatar and CERA Shop Rule Violation

  • If a player does not comply with the order made by the judge to switch the equipment, they will be disqualified. No penalties will be given if they make the necessary adjustments.


   C. Special Rule Violation (Class Restriction)

  • Judges will make the decision on if a match cannot be progressed and has the right to decide whether there should be a rematch.
  • Judge will have the ultimate decision on whether a bug has been used. First use of the bug will result in a warning and forfeiture of that round. Second use will automatically disqualify the player.


   D. Additional Rule Violation

  • Declining to pass host will result in a warning. Declining again will result in disqualification.
  • If the map hasn’t been changed, match will be stopped and a rematch will commence after changing the map.
  • Any player found insulting other players will result in disqualification (especially insults related to religion, race, and stereotypes)
  • Failing to comply with judge’s decision will result in disqualification


   E. Cheating

  • Any player found using hacks/bugs will be disqualified
  • Exiting the game without notice or other actions that may cause the game to be stopped will be considered as violation and the player will forfeit that round.
  • If a player sells/trades tournament rewards for real money, that player will be forced to forfeit tournament title/rewards and his/her account will be sanctioned.


# Please Note

  • Tournament Bracket is subject to change before the tournament begins.
  • Once you qualify as one of the finalists and are unable to travel to Korea, you will forfeit your eligibility to receive any tournament rewards.
  • Once the tournament begins, contenders must be on stand-by until their match begins. If you do not show up when it's your turn to play, you will forfeit the match.
  • Top 5 players will qualify to participate in the tournament finals that takes place in Korea on November 2023.
  • If any of the Top 5 players are unable to participate in the offline final tournament, the following penalties will be imposed on the corresponding player:
    • Permanent disqualification from participating in all future DFO ExStream Tournaments.
    • Disqualification from receiving any Tournament rewards.
  • All schedules in Korea are subject to change and may be cancelled with prior notice.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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