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The Beast Returns


May 03, 2022 (UTC)

Avatar Compilation Package No.1
Roaring beasts are back in action!


Trade Count (1) Package
1690 CERA
Look Avatar (8 pieces) + Clone Avatar Box + Skin Avatar Box + Bonus Box + Compilation Coin

Web Store Package is available at DFO Web Store



Look Avatar Preview

# Please Note:
- Avatar box and contained Look Avatars are tradable.
- Contained Look Avatars can be sundered, combined, and dyed.
- Contained Clone Avatars and Skin Avatars are untradable.
- Clone Avatars can be sundered and combined, but cannot be dyed.
- Skin Avatars can be sundered, but cannot be combined/dyed.
- Dark Knights can equip Male Slayer Avatars and Creators can equip Female Mage Avatars.                            
- Unused Avatar box will be deleted at 10:00, JUL 12, 2022(UTC)                            




The Beast Returns Bonus Box

Icon Item Count

Watcher in the Rift Ticket



Fatigue Recovery Potion (156)



# Please Note:                            
- The Beast Return Bonus Box is tradable, but its contents are Account-bound items.                            
- Unused Bonus box and its contents will be deleted at 10:00, JUL 12, 2022(UTC)                            




Compilation Coin

Icon Item

Compilation Coin (Account-bound)

A universal package coin included in all Avatar Compilation Packages!
More Avatar Compilation Packages will be updated in future,
and more goodies will be added to the Compilation Coin Shop.

The Coin Shop is located in Seria's Room

Visit here to find more about Avatar Compilation Coin Shop

# Please Note:
- Unused Compilation Coin will be deleted at 10:00, JUL 12, 2022(UTC)


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