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Fiend War Guide Dungeon


  • Shares entry count with Fiend War Raid.
  • Requires 5,363 exorcism.
  • Consumes Small Energy Concealer on entry.
    - Can be obtained via 'Small Energy Concealer Box' sold in the Raid Shop.
    ※ `Special Energy Concealer Box' and 'Small Energy Concealer Box' shares use count.
Item Name Description Price
Small Energy Concealer Box Contains a Small Energy Concealer.
(Obtained items are deleated at 09:00 UTC every day.)
10,000 Gold
2 Refined Terraniums
  • Only 2 characters may enter per week.
    - Character will be bound to the guide dungeon upon entering the dungeon. (Resets every week on Tuesday)
  • Life Token can be used any number of times inside the dungeon.
  • Monster stats are decreased and some patterns have been adjusted.
  • Can only be entered on Fiend War Raid days.


How to Enter

  • 'Fiend War Guide - Solo' raid can be created through the Masked Knight in the Final Defense Line.
    - The entry material 'Small Energy Concealer' can be acquired from the `Small Energy Concealer Box.'
    - Raid can be started by moving to the waiting area to the right.
  • Shares entry count with Fiend War Raid.


How to Play

  • Fiend War Guide Mode is divided into two phases. If you clear Phase 1, you will enter Phase 2 on another day.
    - Dungeons and monsters that you encounter will differ depending on the phase.
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
    - Each dungeon has a different clear time.
  • If you fail to clear within the time limit, a 'Small Energy Concealer' will be sent to your mailbox.
    - You will not receive a Small Energy Concealer if you exit the dungeon or quit the game while the dungeon is in progress.



  • Antimatter Particles, Super: Tayberrs Epic Armors, Monster Cards, etc.
    - You will receive less amount of rewards compared to Fiend War Raid.
    - There is a lesser chance for Gold Card to appear compared to Fiend War Raid. However, Equipment and Card Reward has the same chance.


The following rewards can be obtained.

Basic Reward Undaunted Determination x90
One of the following rewards can be obtained. Antimatter Particle x7
Antimatter Particle x8
Antimatter Particle x9
Antimatter Particle x12
Antimatter Particle x12 (Account-bound)
Antimatter Particle x7 + Supertemporal Ability Tayberrs Epic Armor
Antimatter Particle x7 + Fiend War Unique/Legendary monster card
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