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Skill Balancing



Muscle Shift

  1.  Changed to a toggle buff
  2.  Cancel Counter recovery time changed (7s → 5s)
  3.  After cancelling, next skill’s Attack Power change value has been increased (10% → 15%)
  4.  'Muscle Shift' cancel skill added
  •   ‘Air Walk', 'Raid Punch', 'Dragon Kick', 'Continuum Kick', 'Spin Kick', ‘Power Descent’, ‘Atomic Cannon’, ‘Emperor Strike’
  1. SP Consumption adjusted (30 → 15)

Fatal Aim

  1.  Duration removed as it has been changed to a passive Skill
  2.  Critical chance Bonus and Hit Rate Bonus adjusted 
  3. SP Consumption adjusted (25 → 15)

Super Armor

  1.  Improved Super Armor Cooldown and Duration difference by increasing cooldown duration
  2. SP Consumption adjusted (20 → 15)

Low Kick

  1.  Attack Power greatly increased

Air Walk

  1.  Attack Power slightly increased

Tornado Kick

  1.  Attack Power greatly increased


  1.  Attack Power greatly increased
  2.  Hit effect will look more natural

Bone Crusher

  1.  Attack Power slightly increased
  2.  Removed additional middle kick and combined middle kick’s damage to the 1st hit

Mountain Pusher

  1.  Attack Power greatly increased

Close Kick

  1.  Attack Power slightly increased
  2.  Shockwave activation time has been fixed

Solar Prominence

  1.  Increased number of basic hits to 5, increased the rise height and move distance
  2.  Final Hit’s motion has been changed to aerial downstrike
  3.  Skill can now be cast in the air

Lightning Dance

  1.  Attack Power slightly increased
  2.  Number of basic hits increased from (3x → 8x), basic hit count fixed to 8
  3.  Enemies are forcefully immobilized while moving. When the skill ends, immobility is removed
  4.  Hit motion will look more natural
  5.  Enemy tracking time and movement time improved 
  6.  Pressing the forward key while casting the skill will cast first kick while moving forward

Lightning Dance Upgrade

  1.  As the lightning dance’s basic abilities has been reworked, bonus movement count has been removed
  2.  10% Bonus damage per level

Dragon Kick

  1.  Attack Power slightly increased
  2.  First 3 hits removed, first part’s damage has been added to final hit damage

Dragon Kick Upgrade

  1.  Changed to Master level 5, Maximum level 7 
  2.  Increased 'Dragon Kick' Attack Power Bonus rate per level
  3.  Hit count reduction removed as 'Dragon Kick' Skill’s first 3 hits has been removed 

Continuum Kick

  1.  Attack Power slightly increased
  2.  Attack motion and activation speed has been improved
  3.  y-axis range has been increased 
  4.  Skill casting speed will be affected by character’s attack speed

Spin Kick

  1. Multi Hit added to first hit spin
  2. Changed the Final Hit motion so that all enemies are knocked up with the first spin
  3. First hit spin will pull enemies toward you
  4. y-axis range has been increased 
  5. Skill casting speed will be affected by character’s attack speed
  6. Attack Power slightly increased.

Slow Burn

  1.  Suju Inferno added, Duration increased

Suju Inferno

  1. Explosion and ground flame Attack Power increased by 15% on cast 
  2. Duration changed (30s → 50s) 
  3. Bonus Independent Physical Attack Power has been changed to Bonus Skill Attack Power
  4. Grants invincibility while casting
  5. Effect has been improved and a buff icon has been added to allow you to see the end of the buff duration
  6. Added an ability to turn on/off flame on the ground through conversion
  7. Removed the penalty where only ‘Strike' skill can be used during cast
  8. Cooldown changed from (108s → 180s)


  1. 3, 6, 9 level effect changed
  • Level 3 effect
    • >  Added damage on cast and ground damage while running
  • Level 6 effect
    •  > While casting Suju Inferno, Muscle Shift’s charge duration will be reduced by 1s
  • Level 9 effect
    •  > Ability to release dual Suju Inferno will be added
    •  > Pressing the skill key again during the Suju Inferno will apply another stack of Suju Inferno and increase the Strength by 200 for 50 seconds
    •  > Casting the skill again while you have 2 stacks of Suju Inferno will only increase the duration of the buff. The strength bonus will not be stacked.
    •  > After level 9, strength will be increased by 50 seconds and duration by 3 seconds per level
  • Suju Inferno’s ground damage on/off function information will be added to Slow Burn Skill tooltip

Power Fist

  1. SP Consumption adjusted (25 → 20)
  2. Added bonus critical damage function
  3. Critical damage slightly increased
  4. Strength Bonus greatly decreased.

New Skills



Raid Punch

  1.  Master level 1, maximum level 1 skill
  2.  Upon learning the skill, ‘Air Walk’ skill will be changed to ‘Raid Punch’ which is a skill that performs a deadly downward punch from the air.
  3.  Added an ability to perform a punch that has the Attack Power of ‘Air Walk’ from the air to the ground and can freely combo into 'Muscle Shift’ in the air. 

Quick Step

  1.  Master level 1, Maximum level 1 skill
  2.  'Pure Walk' level 1 requires pre-requisite skill
  3.  A passive skill which upgrades 'Pure Walk.’ It allows you to consume one ‘Muscle Shift’ to activate ‘Pure Walk’ during post delay time.
  4.  Cooldown is not applied if ‘Muscle Shift’ is consumed. 


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