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Male Fighter




Basic Attack

Attack Power slightly increased.

Nen Master Skill Adjustments



Solar Shield

Duration decreased. (60s → 20s)

Stimulating Breath

Attack speed bonus decreased.

Nen Guard

Cooldown increased. (16s → 18s)

Spiral Nen

Attack Power slightly decreased

Grappler Skill Adjustments



Overwhelming Grab

Cooldown fixed to 50s.

z-axis attack range decreased.

Air Steiner

Bonus Attack Power against airborne targets decreased.

Time it takes to recover cooldown after failing to grab increased.

Elbow Shock

Attack Power reduction value against standing targets increased.

Attack Power bonus value against grounded targets decreased.

Rolling Spike

After upper or lower attack, post delay increased to be equal to basic attack.

Striker Skill Adjustments



Boxing Glove Mastery

Cooldown reduction value removed.

Super Armor

Cooldown fixed to 50s.

Power Fist

duration decreased. (10s → 5s)

Attack Speed reduction rate decreased by 50%.

Bone Crusher

Knockback distance of 2nd attack decreased.

Explosive Hook

Spinning kick’s y-axis attack range decreased

Brawler Skill Adjustments



Claw Mastery

Accuracy rate decreased.

Net Throw

Immobility duration decreased.

Explosive Hook

Abnormal Status bonus Attack Power bonus value decreased.

Raging Vulcan

Abnormal Status bonus Attack Power bonus value decreased.


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