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Otherverse Improvements - New Mode and Changes

  1. Tutorial Mode has been changed.
  • Old APC has been removed and a new APC has been added.
  • Screenshot and guiding arrows have been added to the Tutorial.
  1. Single mode has been added.
  • Changes have been made so that you can solo play all other verse difficulties.
  • APC appears in all difficulties.


Otherverse Improvements - Item Drop Rate Changes

Item Drop Rate has been changed in accordance with the changes to the Otherverse difficulties.

  • Solo play: Interdimensional Fragment drop rate has been adjusted to drop at a rate as if you are in a 2 player party.
  • Chronicle Equipment that can be acquired from Normal Difficulty monsters have been changed.
  • Chronicle Equipment that can be acquired from Expert Difficulty monsters remains the smae
  • Chronicle Equipment that can be acquired from Master Difficulty monsters is the same as Expert Difficulty. However, chance of acquiring Chronicle Set item dropping is higher in the Master Difficulty.


Otherverse Improvements - Re-join System

  1. If you leave the party due to disconnection or crash, you can rejoin the party by reconnecting to the game.
  2. This only applies to dungeons that are currently in progress. If the party moved to another dungeon while you were disconnected, you will not be able to rejoin.
  3. This is limited to Otherverse dungeons only.


Otherverse Improvements - Other Changes

  1. Recommended Exorcism value has been changed.
  • Normal: 10 Exorcism
  • Expert: 80 Exorcism
  • Master: 95 Exorcism
  1. A quest to acquire Otherverse Novice has been added.
  • Otherverse Novice: When you clear Otherverse dungeon in a party while you have this title equipped, party members will receive 1x Interdimensional Fragment.
  • Title’s effects do not stack.


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