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Adventurer Fame

Adventurer Fame

  • Adventurer Fame is the information showing the value of your equipped items, Enchantment effects, etc. It measures the value of your items based on their performance, cost, and various other aspects.
  • Adventurer Fame may not be applied to certain items whose options have little to no influence over your character value.


Adventurer Fame-applicable Items

  • Adventurer Fame is applied to the following items.
  • Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Special Equipment, and Equipment Sets
  • Equipment Reinforcement, Amplification, Refinement, Modification, Enchantment, Fusion, and Dark Purgatory Option Conversion
  • Talismans, Runes, Insignias, Gems, Insignia Reinforcement, Emblems, and Platinum Emblems
  • Hair, Hat, Face, Torso, Top, Waist, Bottom, Shoes, and Skin/Weapon/Aura Avatars
  • Creatures, Artifacts, Creature Enchantment, Titles, and Title Enchantment
  • * Sirocco equipment fusion, Black Purgatory option conversion, Emblems, and Platinum Emblems add their values to their items.
  • Example Image


Equipment Equipment Set Avatar Creature


Dungeon Admission Conditions Changed

  • Exorcism will be replaced with Adventurer Fame.
  • Now, Adventurer Fame will be required instead of Exorcism for dungeon entries, and the required amounts will be updated.
  • You can enter a dungeon, even if you don't meet its Adventurer Fame requirement. The old Exorcism effect will be deleted.
  • The Limited-entry dungeons still can't be accessed if you don't have Adventurer Fame.


Dungeon Required Adventurer Fame Entry Limit
Tower of Grief


Tower of Enchantments 6,079  
Spirit Haven

Normal - 7,113
Hard - 7,113

Anton Subjugation 5,445  
Luke Subjugation 6,079  
Beast Dungeon King - 6,079
Slayer - 6,079
Beast - 6,079
Echon Dungeon 5,415  
Imperial Arena 6,079  
Assault Mode 5,415  
Dawning Crevice 5,415  
Disaster Sector 7,113  
Tayberrs Guide - 6,909
Solo - 6,909
Normal - 6,909
Operation: Hope 5,415  
Pandemonium Meeting Normal - 5,415
Hard - 7,113
Pandemonium War Guide - 5,415
Normal - 7,113
Hard - 7,291
Challenge - 10,815
Challenge mode entry limited
Fiend War Raid Guide - 7,473
Normal - 7,473
Prey Raid Guide - 7,473
Normal - 7,473
Ghent Palace Challenge - 10,815 Challenge mode entry limited
Bottomless Tunnel Tunnel/Land of Memories Normal - 7,113
Expert - 7,291
Challenge - 10,815
Challenge mode entry limited
Basement of Pain and Black Shrine Normal - 7,473
Expert - 7,743
Challenge - 10,815
Challenge mode entry limited
Traces of the Dark Miscreation 7,291  
The Dark Miscreation's Garden 7,743  
Cursed Ruby 7,743  
Stormy Route 7,743 Entry Limit
The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection Guide - 7,473
Normal - 7,996
The Oculus: The Abysmal Sanctum 10,815  
The Night of Revelation 7,996  
Sirocco Raid Guide - 10,815
Squad - 10,815
Normal - 10,815
Sirocco Challenge 13,374 Entry Limit
Black Purgatory 10,815  
The Exile Mountains Guide - 7,996
Normal - 10,815


Additional Adventurer Fame-related Changes

  • The Consumables that used to increase Exorcism will now increase Adventurer Fame.
    - They increase Adventurer Fame by the same amount as Exorcism before.
  • The Title and Creature options that used to increase Exorcism will now increase Adventurer Fame.
    - They increase Adventurer Fame by the same amount as Exorcism before.
  • Exorcism buffs purchased as Guild benefits will be converted into Guild Mileage.
  • Arad Adventure character CP will be based on Exorcism as before.
  • Exorcism will be deleted from the My Info, Others' Information, and Party Request windows and replaced with Adventurer Fame.


My Info Others Information Party Request


  • The Gold Cube Fragment Contract effect, Exorcism +7, will be changed to Physical/Magical Critical Chance +0.5%. Exorcism-related information will also be removed from its tooltip.



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