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Map and Status Board

Dungeon Map

  • The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid consists of 16 dungeons.
  • All the dungeons are connected. All your information will be carried over from one dungeon to another.
    - Applicable Character Information: Buffs, debuffs, remaining Consumable count, cooldown, remaining Life Token count, etc.
  • Death Dragon Spirazzi, Ice Dragon Skasa, and Berserk Dragon Hismar each own a Sphere.
    • When they wake up, they'll cast a persistent Abnormal Status effect throughout their Sphere. 
    • Death Dragon: Poison
      - Death Dragon's Soul Palace, Hollow Soul Depot, and Faded Gold Depot
    • Ice Dragon: Freeze
      - Ice Dragon's Frozen Palace, Fixed Pond, and Dark Cloud Tower 
    • Berserk Dragon: Stun 
      - Berserk Dragon's Destroyed Palace, Prison of Mortal Combat, and Ruin's Flower Garden




Raid Status Board

Named Dungeons

  • Currently Activated Timer
  • Monster Face
  • Current Status
    • There are 4 monster statuses: Appearing, Reinforcing, Moving, and In Presence.
      - Appearing: The monster will appear in the corresponding location. Its colors will be activated.
      - Reinforcing: The monster will summon troops. The troops will appear in front of the monster.
      - Moving: The monster will move 1 slot forward.
      - In Presence: The monster will disappear from the corresponding location. 




Buff Gain Info

  • You can get this buff when you defeat the monster.




Monster Details

  • Bring the cursor over a monster or its buff icon on the Status Board to check its details.




Occupied Dungeon Display

  • Shows the dungeons that the current party occupies.
  • Shows your party location in the current dungeon.
  • Only one party can enter each dungeon at a time.




Dragon Spheres


  • When you first start your operation, Death Dragon Spirazzi, Ice Dragon Skasa, and Berserk Dragon Hismar will be inactive.
  • One of them will be randomly activated when your Raid Group encounters a Commander monster for the first time.
  • When they become active, so will their Spheres.
  • If you don't enter their dungeons within a certain amount of time after they're activated, King of Dragons' Conflagration will be increased.




Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall

  • This is where Bakal resides.
  • When you encounter him, he will only appear with some of his HP unlocked.
  • His HP will be unlocked in 3 different stages, namely, Spirazzi, Skasa, and Hismar. It'll be fully unlocked when you defeat all these dragons.
  • If you retreat manually or through a buff from the Cruel King of Dragons' Mail Hall, you'll become Encroached for 480 seconds.
    - You can't re-enter the Main Hall while being Encroached On.




Operation Base

  • Move to this area to enter dungeons.
    - All your party members in the same place to enter a dungeon together. The entire party will enter the dungeon when the party leader does.
  • If you let a Marcher monster approach your Operation Base, King of Dragons' Conflagration will increase rapidly.




Commander Buff and King of Dragons' Conflagration Gauge

  • Displays the number of Life Tokens your party has. Life Tokens are shared within the party.
  • Displays your current Commander buff. Commander buffs are shared within the Raid Group.
  • Displays the King of Dragons' Conflagration gauge.
    - Bring the cursor over it to check the information.
    - Your operation will fail if you let it reach 100%.




Raid Group Member Management Tab

  • Displays the Resurrection/Encroachment statuses and the remaining time.
  • Displays the buffs currently applied to your party. Buffs are applied per party.
  • Displays the number of Life Tokens your party has.
  • You can show or hide this Manage tab with the hotkey, Home.




Raid Buffs

  • The Raid buffs are divided into 2 types: Party (immediately applied to your party) and Commander.
  • The Commander buffs are shared among parties, and only the party leaders can use.
    - You can change your Commander buff with the hotkey (default: ' or ~).




Buff Types

Buff Type



Party Buff

Undying Courage

Grants immunity to Poison within the Death Dragon's Sphere for 480 sec.

Men vs. Giant

Grants immunity to Stun within the Berserk Dragon's Sphere for 480 sec.

Volcanic Passion

Grants immunity to Freeze within the Ice Dragon's Sphere for 480 sec.

Time to Extinguish the Fire - Berserk Dragon

Increases damage on the Berserk Dragon and Bakal for 360 sec.
Berserk Dragon +30%, Bakal +20%

Time to Extinguish the Fire - Ice Dragon

Increases damage on the Ice Dragon and Bakal for 360 sec.
Ice Dragon damage +30%, Bakal damage +20%

Time to Extinguish the Fire - Death Dragon

Increases damage on the Death Dragon and Bakal for 360 sec.
Death Dragon damage +30%, Bakal damage +20%

Desire for Freedom

Grants immunity to harmful effects within all the Spheres for 300 sec.

Overflowing Vitality

Increases all Def. for 360 sec. All Def. +10%

Awake Mind

Increases cooldown recovery by 360 sec. Cooldown recovery +10%

Rear Support

Increases your Consumable use limit by 5.

Reinforcement Request

Randomly casts a Commander buff.

Commander Buff

Noble Duty

Sarah Wane encourages you. Grants immunity to all Abnormal Status effects for 60 sec. (Not applicable to special attacks from dragons)

Strategic Supply

Rosa Jurgen provides you with supplies. Increases Life Token limit by 3.

Decisive Shot

Spitfire Flo provides fire support. Increases damage by 20% for 30 sec.

Secure Retreat

Juvenil helps you make a strategic retreat. Return immediately without penalties. (Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall's Encroachment penalty excluded)

Empyreans' Wishes

Commander Irine prays for her forces. Grants Invincibility for 10 sec.




Combat Consumables and Life Tokens

  • At the beginning of the Raid, each party will be given 5 chances to use Life Tokens.
  • At the beginning of the Raid, each participant will be given 10 chances to use Consumables.
  • In the temporary post that appears when you clear the following dungeons, you can get additional 5 Consumables and 2 Life Tokens.
  • Dungeon List
    - Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall Entrance (Magic Dragon Basilisk)
    - Fixed Pond (Gherda of the Ice)
    - Ruin's Flower Garden (Wicked Dragon Nympha)
    - Hollow Soul Depot (Nine-tailed Blona)
  • The Operation Base also provides 5 Consumables and 2 Life Tokens, and resets your Resurrection Skill count.
  • The existing Raid Consumables rules are applied to the healing and other items you can use in this content.
    - Warlord's Cry Potion, Sacred Blessing availability, etc.




Combat Time Limit

  • Death Penalty
    - Recovery time increases per party, depending on the number of retreats, from 15 seconds to 30, 45, and then 60. It's then set to 60 seconds.
  • Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall Time limit
    - For the Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall only, you can fight for 10 minutes per entry.
    - If you exceed 10 minutes, you'll be forcibly returned to town. In this case, only Encroachment will be applied without the death penalty.
  • Encroachment
    - Lasts for 480 seconds, and restricts you from re-entering the Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall.




Other Systems

  • If you defeat the main monsters of a Sphere, its Normal monsters won't appear until the main ones resurrect.
  • The Death, Ice, and Berserk Dragons regularly cast a special effect on the Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall after they wake up. This special effect is recast more frequently as time goes by.
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