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Bakal Raid Hard Mode Addition

Content Information

  • The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode will be added.


Entry Level: 110

  • Characters below Lv. 110 cannot enter.


Participants: 12 Players

  • Can be played by up to 12 characters.


Entry Fame: 45,142

  • Character below 45,142 Fame cannot enter.


 Entry Fatigue Points: None

  • This content does not require Fatigue Points to enter.


  Weekly Entry Limit: 1 Time

  • Weekly entry count will be reduced upon starting the content.
  • Shares entry count with <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode>.


Weekly Reward Count: 1 Time

  • Shares reward count with <The Machine Revolution: Total War> and <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode>.
  • Weekly reward count will be deducted upon acquiring rewards.
  • If you have used up all your weekly reward count, access to the content will be restricted.
  • You must defeat a minimum of 3 bosses to obtain rewards.
  • Boss defeat count is recorded individually for each party member.
  • If conditions are not met, rewards cannot be obtained, and weekly reward count as well as weekly entry count will be deducted.
  • Weekly entry limit and weekly reward count are reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.


Content Entry

  • Upon clearing the Lv. 110 quest “A Very Small Difference”, you can enter <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid>.
  • <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid> channel becomes accessible once you achieve 40,047 Fame or higher.
  • Raid groups can be created/entered for <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode> when 45,142 Fame or higher is achieved.
  • You can enter the <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid> content through “Commander Irine” in the Bakal Raid channel.
  • Bakal Raid channel will be open starting from Thursday, 09:00 UTC to Monday, 09:00 UTC every week.
  • <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode> can be participated in starting from Thursday, 09:00 SEP 21, 2023 UTC.
  • Create parties while in the channel through Commander Irine or the Create Party button in the Find Party window.
  • Content can be started through “Commander Irine” located in the Raid Group waiting room.
  • Must be in possession of “Inherited Flame’s Will”, which can be purchased in the Raid Shop.
  • Entry ticket can be purchased in the Raid Shop for 50 Golden Beryl.
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