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Buffer Character Skill Range Options Improved

Buffer Character Skill Range Options Improved

  • Some options on the following skills will now benefit from Range bonuses.


Applicable Skills/Options 

Characters Skill Options
Priest (M) Slow Heal Party Member Selection Range
Crusader (M) Revenge of Light Party Member Selection Range
Heaven's Melody Party Member Selection Range
Holy Ghost Mace Shock Wave Size
Light of Divinity Party Member Selection Range
Sign of Protection Party Member Selection Range
Divine Invocation Buff Range
Flash Sphere Stun Range
Flash Shrapnel Stun Range
Fountain of Life Party Member Selection Range
Aura Range
Aura of Conviction Aura Range
Divine Flash Party Member Selection Range
Crusader (F) Guardian's Blessing Buff Range
Light of Divinity Buff Range
Valor Blessing Buff Range
Edification Buff Range
Resurrect Resurrection Range
Pious Passion Aura Range
Archangel's Blessing Buff Range
Enchantress Forbidden Curse Buff Range
Eternal Possession Eternal Possession Range
Madd the Guard Casting Range
Terrible Roar Pulling Range
Muse Star of the Day Buff Range
Lovely Tempo Buff Range
Celebrity Stat/Speed Bonus Range
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