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2nd Awakening: Redeemer

When was the last time anyone saw God?
Everyone praises Him, but none of them has seen or heard him.
God isn't always with us. Those who say he is only think he is.
But at least His light is always with us, illuminating our path.
- From an old, tattered bible -


There was a priestess who devoted herself to carrying the sins of others.
She wanted to help them get close to God,
even if she strays far away from Him in the process.


One day, she had a mysterious dream. It was incredibly vivid,
and she woke up with heartache from the intensity of it.

She was in a beautiful place that looked familiar to her,
even though she'd never been there before.
And there she met someone surrounded by blinding light.
"Child, do you understand the meaning of the sins you've harvested?"
His question was imprinted on her mind like letters burned into paper.
Then, a radiant orb materialized before her eyes as if by magic.
She knew what it was. It had many names— the Original Sin, the apple, prana, just to name a few.
It was the forbidden fruit that gave birth to all sins that mankind had ever committed.
It was darkness that contrasted the bright holiness of the man who stood in front of her.
"Yes, My Lord, now I do."
Man is His creation, and the purer they are, the closer they become to their creator.
Having remembered the memories of the Paradise,
the home of man before he committed Original Sin,
the priestess forgives sinners and guides them to where they belong.







New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
First Prana: Forbidden Fruit 75

Learn the knowledge of the beginning of the world, increasing skill Atk. and the Seven Sins of Corruption transformation period.

Demon skills hit and release purple light from Sin-burdened Body's aura, inflicting damage on enemies within range.

Second Soul 75

Gathers enemies in front with her scythe, cuts at their brand of Original Sin, launching them high in the air, and then slams them down into the ground, causing a powerful explosion.

Redeeming Spines 80

The brand of Original Sin imprinted on her back manifests into 7 spines and stabs at the front area, skewering enemies. Consumes all your Sin stacks to increase its finishing Atk.


2nd Awakening Skill

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Last Genesis 85

Concentrates the power of her brand into a gigantic scythe, herds enemies into one place, rides them, and then explodes with forbidden power, covering the whole screen.


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