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Grappler (Common)

  • Shoulder Tackle

- No longer makes your character glide if canceled into a Basic attack.
- Its maximum gliding speed has been capped.


Grappler (M)

  • Impact Combination

- Now it temporarily casts a Physical/Magical Critical Damage Intensification debuff on its targets.
ㄴ Its previous Atk. bonus has been deleted.
ㄴ Its activation style is the same as before.
ㄴ 25% at Lv. 1, 30% max. Increases by 1% every level.
ㄴ Set to 25% for party members.
ㄴ If a higher version of this debuff is already in effect, lower versions cannot be cast for its duration. (The same versions renew each other's duration.)
- Since Shoulder Tackle and Pierce are now affected by Impact Combination, their Atk. has been adjusted accordingly.
ㄴ Shoulder Tackle: Its Atk. has been decreased by 17%. Its Independent Atk. is now properly affected by the Atk. bonuses from Overwhelming Grab and Counter Strike. Its Atk. is always in full charge mode, regardless of its charged status.
ㄴ Pierce: Its Atk. has been decreased by 18%. Its attack range has been increased, so it can also target downed enemies.


  • Black Tornado

- Additional damage on enemies slammed into the ground has been removed.
- The tornado's Physical Atk. increases by 10% as it slams enemies into the ground and attacks them each time it spins.


  • Focused Fury

- Its enemy-throwing distance has been decreased.


  • Technique: Storm Diver

- It no longer chases after Invincible enemies.


  • Slam Kick

- Reserving Sole Bearer: Quaking Tiger no longer cancels its Hold status.


  • Grab Cannon

- The description about Lightning Knee Kick has been deleted from its tooltip.


  • Rhythmic Assault

- Its Hold effect and attack range are no longer randomly disabled during party play.
- Its enemy-pushing distance has been decreased.


  • Snap Shot

- Its penalty from standing enemies and bonus from Downed enemies have been deleted.
- Its Attack has been increased by 60%.
- Among the Snap Shot Upgrade (TP) effects, the Atk. increase per level has been increased from 7% to 10%, 
  and the bonus damage on downed enemies has been deleted


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