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A Little Girl’s Journal

Greetings, adventurer! My name is Grandis Gracia and I’m in charge of educating the Priests.

There’s a girl that I would like to introduce to you. She will be joining your journey in Arad from now on, so please listen.

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A Little Girl’s Journal

I came across this journal while cleaning up the library... it seems the person who wrote this is in quite a distress. Actually, I am pretty certain I know who wrote this. Let me find her and lead her back into the way of truth.

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Encyclopedia of Arad Priest Advancement Scroll

I did not dare decide which path to lead her. It really wasn’t my choice to make. The teachings of God cannot be taught. One can only be enlightened on their own... So I decided to trust her own decision. I put together a book that shows the way of living as a priest and handed it to her. This is the book.

Crusader Inquisitor Shaman Mistress
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Oberith Rosenbach, who would later become known as
commanded an army of priestesses.
They used their holy singing voices and power of light to protect their allies and the innocent.

These priestesses were once victims of the Black Order.
At a time before Oberith became the Fourth Priestess,
she singlehandedly took on the leaders of the Black Order
to save them.

The corrupt members of the Black Order watched with
a smile on their faces as the young girls screamed
in fear and pain, covered in the blood of Imposters.
Some of them hung on crosses.
Without hesitation, Oberith charged into the scene
and cut down dozens of heretics, saving the girls.
She even built a new home for them.

Since then, singing voices echoed through
Remidia Kathedra sometimes.
Soon people started to come from different cities to hear
these women singing His grace.

Some voiced their concern about the dark blood that tainted these women's souls.
Little did they know, His light already washed the sinful blood away from their spirits.
One by one, the priestesses started receiving His messages.

Finally they'd been reborn into His true avengers.

Oberith created a new division in the crusader army exclusively for these priestesses.
The members of this new division use their singing voices, which have made them who they are now,
along with the power of holy light that they've received
from God to help the innocent
and support their allies in the battlefield.

They are no longer mere young girls—they're crusaders.
They've set off on a journey to eradicate the forces of darkness that still lurk in the dark corners of the world
and save those who are in pain.

Everything is as He wishes.

Answer me; with what does God rule us?
With love for his followers and with benevolence for the enlightened!

Then what are you holding in your hand?
Are they the tools to carry out his benevolence and love?
(Holding up the Bible in their right hand)
The Bible in chains!

Answer me again; with what does God rule us?
(Bringing the Bible in their right hand to their waist)
With fairness, with the Commandments!

Then what are you holding in your hands?
Are they the tools to carry out the Commandments?
(Presenting arms)
An axe and a torch!

Answer me again; with what does God rule us?
Fear is also His tool. He rules the wrong with fear!

Answer me; what do you protect?
We protect faith with our heart.
We protect the Commandments with our spirit.
We protect his cradle with the axe and the torch!

Answer me; who are you?
We're the followers and executors of the Commandments.
We're His disciples trained to punish evil.
We'll die and go to Hell, so we can punish evil there.
We live to follow His will.
We're His torch, His axe, the carriers of His wrath!
(Everyone chants and salutes in tandem.)

- Inquisitor Parade at the Inquisition

These women are in small numbers,
but they can be seen all over the world.

They are selfless and affable,
but they don't like to talk about their pasts.
It is said that the Oracles are—or were—members of
the Order of Remidia, or have something to do with it,
and that claim is backed by the remarkable healing power that they have revealed time and again.

That's not, however, what makes them who they are.
It's the Oracles.
These Oracles are similar to the revelations of the Order,
but while the revelations are based on the believers' faith,
the oracles are more dependent on the soothsayers.
One must meet special qualifications to receive
these oracles, and these qualifications vary,
depending on the god who gives them.

These Oracles worship the Sacred Dragon, and there aren't many things known about this particular god.
Based on the words of those who witnessed their rituals,
I suspect he's one of the famous deities and mythical creatures of Suju.
All the witnesses claimed that watching the rituals cleared their heads and cured mild illnesses. Such a phenomenon is popular among the worshippers of the Suju deities.

If you want a first-hand experience of their power,
then look for famous accident sites
and battlefields around you.
The Oracles spend most of their time helping out the poor and needy or those who are haunted by evil, but they also involve themselves in big incidents and battles,
should their oracles dictate them.

They prefer using amulets and rosary beads to localize their damage, to avoid hurting innocent bystanders, but if they decide that immediate action is required to minimize damage in the long run, then they can unleash their power as the messenger of the Sacred Dragon and destroy everything around them in the blink of an eye.

Armed with the ability to foresee the future, amulets to effectively subdue enemies, and the power of exorcism, the Oracles are better than anyone else at solving the mysterious phenomena that have been plaguing the continent. Even the conservative Order of Priests reluctantly has admitted its collaboration with the Oracles.

A priestess prayed to God to forgive the sins of man.
She begged him to let her carry the others' sin for them.

When her prayer was answered, she received stigmata,
the symbol of her new power that God gave her,
so she could draw demons out of Hell
and punish them in His name.

Her stigmata resembled the Seven Deadly Sins.
Sinners called it God's curse and avoided her at all costs.
Whenever she went, demons that hid among men couldn't help but reveal their true forms.
These demons were ripped into pieces by her hands
and sent back to the bottomless pit where they belonged.

People called this method of revealing demons the
Mistress phenomenon, which coined her name, the Mistress.

Rumor has it that the Mistress was one of the girls
who were forever marked by the Black Order
before they were saved by Remidia Kathedra.
There was a heated debate among the leaders of Remidia over the treatment of these girls,
but in the end, it was decided that the victims should not be punished for what was done unto them,
and that there shouldn't be any more discussion or questions as to their marks,
which were believed to symbolize Original Sin.

The Mistress stopped wondering about
her marks a long time ago.
Since she received her stigmata,
she's felt that whatever those evil marks have done to her mind and body were balanced out by the God's brand.

Her legs have grown heavy from years of wandering,
but her eyes remain sharp, showing her where she must go.

Demons tempt men’s frailty.
The Mistress harvests their sins.
There might not be an end to her pilgrimage,
but she doesn't care.