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Season Server: Master's Realm

Please Note

[Season Server Duration]
! Season Server will be available for a limited time. You will not be able to play Season Server after it becomes unavailable.
- You cannot transfer to the normal server during the Season Server period. Your characters will be automatically transferred after the season ends. ! Season Server will be shared between servers, meaning players from different servers can play with each other.
Players may create up to 3 characters per account on the Season Server. - Ex.: Cain Season Server Character x2, Sirocco Season Server Character x1 = total of 3 Season Server characters ! Characters created on the Season Server cannot be deleted until the Season Server ends.
! You cannot play with characters from the normal server on the Season Server.

[Season Server Gameplay]
! In this season, you will be able select your advancement when creating your class and begin playing from Lv. 17.
! Season Server has special systems that are different from normal servers.
- Cannot use Account Storage/Guild Storage/Auction Hall or sending mails between characters.
- Provides ½ default fatigue points. (Neo Premium Bonus, Burning EXP, and other bonus fatigue are added normally)
- Cannot select dungeon difficulty. (Applies Season Server difficulty)
- Cannot use Mercenary or Supporters.
- Adventurer’s Club buffs are not applied.(However, Adventurer Club level will increase from Season Server characters) - A special buff for Season Server characters will be applied.
! There are inaccessible areas.
- Valley of Fallen Souls, Mirror Arad, Kulundal, Dark Elf Ruins, Forgotten Lands, Anton Dungeon ! Some features are restricted when playing in dungeons.
- Cannot use supporter or guild supporter.
- In order to prevent any mistakes during combat, you can only acquire items after all monsters in a map are killed.
- Assistant APC will not appear when a Lv. 26 or a lower character dies.

[Season Server character events and Neo Premium benefits information]
! Season Server may have some restrictions when participating or receiving rewards from events.
> Honey Time: Honey Time will be accumulated upon playing but you cannot receive rewards from it.
> Mileage Shop: Mileage is accumulated normally when purchasing CERA shop items and clearing optimal level dungeons.
However, Mileage Shop can only be used in the normal server.
! Season Server characters will have some restrictions on Neo Premium Contract.
- Cannot rent Neo Premium Plus unique weapons.
- Cannot receive Neo Premium Plus bonus items.
- Cannot use Fatigue Express.