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to Qlipha's Realm

How to Participate

Available Dungeons

Qlipha's Time's Guide Stone Surprise!

Reward Details

Epic Farming Event

#Please Note

  • [Common]
  • -The current character's chance to obtain a Mythic in the event dungeons will increase as more Realm and Halls dungeons are cleared.
  • -The increased chance to receive a Mythic will be reset and will no longer be increased after a Mythic has been obtained.
  • -Increases to Mythic drop chances are applied by character.
  • [Qlipha's Realm]
  • -Can be entered 3 times a day per account if Lv. 17 or above.
  • -Does not consume any Fatigue Points upon entry.
  • -Daily entry limit is reset at 09:00 UTC.
  • -Qlipha's Realm dungeon is not counted as an Optimal Level Dungeon, and will not provide Mileage.
  • [Qlipha's Halls]
  • -Can be entered if Lv. 95 or above with no entry limit.
  • -8 Fatigue Points and 27 Time's Guide Stone are consumed immediately upon entry.
  • -Qlipha's Halls is counted as an Optimal Level Dungeon, and will provide Mileage upon dungeon clears.

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