This event is especially prepared for players who have Lv. 1 ~ 39 characters.
Event Period : May 26 ~ June 23 (UTC), until Maintenance
NPCs are in action to help those who have difficulties playing the game! Various kinds of buff and items are given to Lv.1~39 players! Please check them out!
01. Buff from tour favorite NPCs!
Applicable characters (Lv. 1 ~39) receive various buffs during the event.
02. Free items!
FREE Avatar of the month for newly created characters during the event!
Achieve Lv. 20 and get 10 FREE Life Tokens during the event!
Please note :
- Once Punjin's Buff is enabled, you can learn skills up to 5 levels higher than your current level in advance. However, when the buff is disabled,
skills you've already learned in advance will be cancelled and refunded as SPs. SPs will be returned after re-login.
- Free Life Tokens have no account limitation for receiving. Achieve as many Lv. 20 characters as possible!
- Free Avatar of the month have no account limitation for receiving. Create as many characters as possible!