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Dungeon Fighter Online Community Rules

We here at Dungeon Fighter Online wish for our game to be a safe and inclusive space for all our users, regardless of who or where they are.
It goes without saying that each member of our community is highly valued by us, but we also want to make sure our members are valued amongst each other.
To establish such an environment, we ask for your cooperation by being kind and respectful both to yourselves and your fellow players.
As users of Dungeon Fighter Online, we expect all community members to follow the Community Guidelines that are outlined below.
These guidelines apply to in-game activity, as well as all aspects related to Dungeon Fighter Online, its offered services, and its products -– both online and offline.
Although we have included examples regarding what would be in violation of our rules,
the examples and rules are not exhaustive- even if it is not specifically stated does not mean it is acceptable. Failing to follow these rules will result in penalties to varying degrees depending on the gravity of the action, of which the most severe is account termination.
We hope our users do not fail in upholding these rules and continue to enjoy both our game and the friendly community you have helped us build.

Behaviors Our Community Rejects

Communications Abuse and Harassment

DFO does not accept any form of bullying, intimidation, or proliferation of hate through in-game chat, names, mail, or any other channel of communication. The following are examples of abusive and threatening behavior.
  • Derogatory language aimed at an individual or group
  • Offensive language that causes unease within the community.
  • Discriminatory language based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and other groups.
  • Sexual harassment and predatory behavior that is intimidating, lewd, and an invasion of privacy.

Intent to Lose or Interfere

Playing DFO is meant to be a fun, enjoyable experience. Don’t sabotage gameplay with an intent to lose or interfere with the game. The following are examples of what counts as actions with the intent to lose/interfere.
  • Purposefully dying, triggering, or refusing to participate in party-mode content including teamwipe patterns.
  • Griefing
  • AFK-ing while in an active party.
  • Abusing exploits or glitches to gain an unfair advantage over other users.
  • Falsely reporting innocent users of violations to our Support Center

Dangerous/Illegal Activities

The safety of our users, both mentally and physically, is of the utmost importance to us. As such, do not practice or advocate any behavior that can perceived as dangerous or illegal within the community. The following are examples of what counts as dangerous or illegal actions.
  • Gambling
  • Hacking
  • Illegal drug use
  • Phishing
  • Prostitution
  • Fraud
  • Impersonation

Illicit Trading

Any illegitimate and uncondoned trading activities involving DFO items or products, both online and offline, will not be tolerated. Any damages and losses incurred due to fraudulent activity will not be taken into consideration when enforcing the relevant policies or when customer service is requested on the matter.
  • Buying/selling accounts
  • Real-money-trade of in-game Gold or other items
  • Scalping item prices in the Auction Hall

Illegitimate Farming

If multiple accounts are found to be systematically or collectively used for the purpose of exploiting content or real-world-profit, restrictions may be applied.
The following are examples of activities subject to restriction.
  • Using security technologies such as VPNs to bypass access restrictions in certain regions or conditions to collectively play the game.
  • Consolidating acquired goods obtained by mobilizing multiple accounts or systematically transferring them.
  • Multiple accounts utilizing the same content in similar patterns.
  • Accessing the game with multiple accounts to a degree that is difficult to consider as owned by a single individual.

Use of Unauthorized Programs

The term "Unauthorized Programs" refers to computer programs, devices, or equipment that disable technical protection measures of our service, disrupt normal operations, or are not allowed.
The following outlines what programs are not allowed.
  • Excluding your OS, computer, keyboard, mouse, video game controller, and the Dungeon Fighter Online program, the use of programs, devices, or equipment that can affect our game is not allowed.
  • Even if it is something that falls into the category above, its use is not permitted if it includes features that have a negative/unfair impact on the game, such as hacks or macro functions.
  • More specific examples of unauthorized programs include (but are not limited to) the following:
    • Acts of viewing or modifying the areas controlled by the client or server program.
    • Acts of omitting some or all the steps that a user should manipulate, allowing manipulations that normal users cannot perform.
    • Acts of manipulating multiple accounts simultaneously by one user.
    • Acts of accessing the Dungeon Fighter Online website or game through VPN.
    • Acts of using or attempting the following programs or devices:
      • Proxy programs
      • Process-hiding programs
      • Debuggers
      • Disassemblers
      • Packet modification programs
      • Memory modification programs
      • Macro programs or devices
      • Security solution bypassing or disabling programs
      • Virtual machines
      • Remote access programs
      • Other programs or devices that affect Dungeon Fighter Online
      • VPN connection programs or devices

Cheating and Unfair Play

Cheating and using methods that make the playing field unfair disrupts the balance of our game and ultimately can cause great harm to the environment.
Any methods that exploit the game system to gain an unfair advantage over others is strictly prohibited.
The following are examples of what counts as cheating and unfair play.
  • Exploiting, buying, making, distributing, or promoting cheats, whether they be exploits of an in-game feature or an unauthorized program
  • Using methods to create lag in PVP matches to gain an unfair advantage over your opponent
  • Exploiting temporary bugs/glitches within the game

Personal Information and Security

We strongly advise our users against sharing account and personal information online, including that of other players.
Personal information refers to information that could be used to identify an individual or compromise your account.
The following are examples of what counts as personal or account information.
  • Doxing
  • Telephone number
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Answers to your security questions
  • Account password
  • Age and real name

Please note that the Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team will NEVER ask you for your password. Also, please check out our Security Center for more ways to protect your account.

If you witness or experience any violations of the rules above, please send us a ticket through our Support Center for use to review the violation.


In the event of non-compliance with the rules stated above, limits or restrictions may be imposed upon your privileges or access rights to certain features within our game. These restrictions are implemented with the aim of safeguarding the community from potential disruptions while also allowing individuals to reflect upon their actions. We endeavor to offer opportunities for personal growth and reform to all users, but we will always prioritize the protection and well-being of the wider community. While we will do our best to avoid unnecessary or excessively punitive measures, our approach to restrictions is based on the severity of the violation. Consequences for breaching the Community Rules may encompass various actions, including but not limited to:
  • CAPTCHA verification
  • Forced disconnection
  • In-game trade-bans
  • In-game login restrictions
  • Restrictions on access to certain content
  • Billing restrictions
  • Removal of illicitly procured items
  • Permanent suspension

If you believe you have been wrongly punished, please send us a ticket through our Support Center for us to review your case. Lastly, we’d like to mention that our Community Rules are not final and may change over time. Any changes and additions will be announced, but we recommend checking in regularly to stay up to date.

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