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Arad Pass Season 3 From the basic Arad Pass activated for all players to the Royal Pass that offers additional benefits! Meet the Arad Pass that has returned for Season 3!

Season 3 Period: MAR 7 - MAY 2, 2023 UTC ※ Arad Royal Pass can be purchased in the DFO Web Store.

DFO Web Store. Go now >

Arad Pass Level-up Rewards

Royal Pass Character (Temporary) available!

SD Traveler Runa [DPS]/[Buffer]
See List

Royal Pass Title (Temporary) available! / Royal Pass Equipment (Temporary) available!

Royal Pass Title

Daily Rewards, Dungeon/Raid Related Benefits (For Selected Character) Season Missions (Account-Shared Benefits), Safe Reinforcement/Amplification Materials provided, Bonus Dungeon Rewards Benefit, Raid Entry Benefits

See VIP Premium benefits

Town Movement Speed set to +40%

Royal Pass Account Exclusive Season Missions

Adventurer, Please Note!

  • - Arad Pass is shared by account.
  • - Arad Royal Pass can only be purchased in the DFO Web Store. (Once per account)
  • - Unused Arad Pass Level-Up rewards will be deleted at 10:00, MAY 2, 2023 UTC.
  • - Season Missions can only be cleared by accounts that have purchased the Royal Pass.
  • - Pass EXP issued upon purchase is a benefit available only to accounts that purchase the Royal Pass.
  • - EXP purchased with Mileage cannot be refunded. Please purchase with care.
  • - Royal Pass Exclusive Equipment can be given to a character of your choice for Royal Pass accounts and can be reissued once per account during the Pass period.
  • - Royal Pass Exclusive Equipment will be deleted for the original character if reissued to another character.
  • - Royal Pass Exclusive Equipment can be obtained through the Royal Pass window’s [Received] button.
  • - Royal Pass Characters can be reselected once per account and cannot be deleted.
  • - Arena-only characters cannot be selected as a Royal Pass character.
Royal Pass Title

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