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Sales Period: AUG 7 ~ SEP 4 until maintenance

Tradable Avatar (6 Parts) + Clone Avatar (8 Parts) + Title + Aura + Creature + Weapon Avatar + Bonus

  • Avatar

    MIKUMIKU Avatar Box

    Slayer (F) Fighter (F) Mage (F)

    Thief Gunner (F)

    Knight Priest (F)

    Please Note
    - ALL Tradable packages can only be traded once after purchase, but contained item boxes can be traded infinitely.
    - ALL Tradable packages become Account Bound after being traded.
    - Creator Avatar has the same appearance as Female Mage Avatar.
  • Aura / Title


    MIKUMIKU Title

  • Creature

    SD Rin&Len Creature Box SD Luka Creature Box SD Miku Creature Box

  • 미쿠 코인상점

    Bonus exclusive! Let’s be more Mikuful with MIKUMIKU coins shop!

    SD Kagamine Rin Avatar Box SD Kagamine Len Avatar Box

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