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Adventurer Maker Season 3

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#Please Note


- Please Note

- This event is available to characters Lv. 15 or above, and progress is shared account-wide.

- You can raise up to 5 children.

- You cannot raise another child until the current one becomes fully grown (age 20).

- The ending is determined by the progress in Job and Leisure activities. Previously achieved endings can reappear.

- Even after all five children have become fully grown, you can enter the town to purchase gifts from the NPC Bing Bong shop and view the endings again.

- The Optimal Level Dungeon system is applied to characters Lv. 15 or above. “Optimal Level" will be indicated on the bottom left of the dungeon thumbnail within Normal Dungeon selection windows (accessed through [Channel Selection > Area Channel]).

- Dungeons without the "Optimal Level" mark or those not in Area channels (Special channels, Legions, Raids, Arena) do not qualify as Optimal Level Dungeons.

- If a child has not been created, Activity Points from Optimal Level Dungeons, Advanced Dungeons, Legions, Raids, Verge of Recollection, and Codename: Gaebolg will not be accumulated.

- You can earn Adventurer Maker Coins and Activity Points by defeating bosses in Optimal Level Dungeons, Advanced Dungeons, Legions, Raids, Verge of Recollection, and Codename: Gaebolg (“Noblesse Code” is excluded from Advanced Dungeons) / Mid-bosses that appear in the middle of dungeons and bosses in Emergency Missions are not included.

- When a child reaches 20 years old and becomes fully grown, all remaining Activity Points are reset. However, Adventurer Maker Coins are not reset.

- Equipment and Trophies obtained from Battle Training are not reset and will be retained when a child becomes fully grown upon reaching 20 years old.

- The login timer that rewards Activity Points based on login time resets daily at 09:00 UTC.

- Obtained rewards that are items with a deletion date will all be deleted at 09:00, JUL 23, 2024 UTC.

- UI size changing options will not be applied in the event area.

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