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Chaos has found its way into the Arcade World! The leader of Arcade Town, Arcade Seria, is waiting for your help. Travel throughout the Arcade World and become the legend that will bring an end to Chaos! Event Period: MAY 17, 2022 - JUN 28, 2022 (UTC)

Become a hero and save the Arcade World!

Arcade Legend Online

How to Participate

Arcade World Guide

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  • Adventurer
  • Town
  • Field
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  • Achievements
  • Arcade Adventurer Status
  • Adventurer
  • Town
  • Field
  • Endings
  • Achievements

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Please Notice

- Arcade Legend Online minigame can be accessed after clearing the Arcade Legend Online event quest for the first time.

- Arcade Legend Online is not affected by actual character stats and items owned by the user.

- Gold, materials, and equipment earned in Arcade Legend Online can be used exclusively in the event only,
and are separate from those of the actual game.

- Your Arcade Adventurer’s appearance will change after obtaining an ending.
Your original Arcade Adventurer’s level, stats, items, and other information will be retained.

- Arcade Legend Online Fatigue Points are restored daily at 09:00 UTC.

- Max Fatigue Points for Arcade Legend Online Adventurers are 156,
and they will be recharged only to the maximum amount even if there are leftover points upon recharge.
(ex. #1: When 120 Fatigue Points are left, 36 points will be recharged the next day at 09:00 UTC.)
(ex. #2: When 0 Fatigue Points are left, 156 points will be recharged the next day at 09:00 UTC.)

- You will not be able to damage monsters when at 0 Fatigue Points in Arcade Legend Online.

- Arcade Legend Online minigame cannot be played while in Arena, Raid, and other Special Channels.

- Arcade Legend Online minigame will be paused when moving between channels and servers,
and will be resumed when your character accesses it.

- Some achievements can only be cleared after receiving rewards.
Please make sure to receive rewards after attaining achievement conditions.

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