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Blitz Pass

Blitz Pass Period Before maintenance on APR 19, 2022 –After maintenance on JUN 14, 2022 UTC

Blitz Pass Details

See Pass EXP Levels

Blitz Pass EXP Required per Level

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Blitz Pass Bonus Benefits

Blitz Special Avatar Full Set Box

Blitz Pass Creature Box

Blitz Pass Missions

  • Daily Missions
  • Weekly Missions
  • Daily Missions List
  • Weekly Missions List

Blitz Pass Rewards

See reward descriptioms

Please Notice

- Only one character can be selected as a Blitz Pass Character per account.

- Blitz Pass can be purchased by any character within your account,
and will be applied as follows depending on your current Blitz Pass Character selection status.
1) Pass is purchased before Blitz Pass Character has been selected
→ Bonus benefits will be applied to the character that is later selected as your Blitz Pass Character.
2) Pass is purchased after Blitz Pass Character has been selected
→ Bonus benefits are applied immediately to the currently selected Blitz Pass Character.

- Blitz Pass Characters cannot change their Advancement, be reselected, or be deleted. Please select carefully.

- The currently selected Blitz Pass Character cannot be changed even after purchasing the Pass.
However, characters will be able to be deleted after the JUN 14 maintenance.

- Blitz Pass missions can only be cleared by the selected Pass character.

- Blitz Pass level-up rewards will be deleted at 10:00, JUN 14, 2022 UTC if unused.

- Weekly Missions are reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.

- EXP for previous Daily/Weekly Missions that were not cleared can be bought with Mileage. (100 EXP for 25 Mileage)
However, EXP bought with Mileage cannot be refunded. Please purchase carefully.

- Clearing missions and buying EXP with Mileage cannot be continued after your Blitz Pass reaches max level.

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