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Song of the Spectre

NOV 23, 2021 - JAN 18, 2022 (UTC)

Create an Event Character

Posia shop Special Rewards

See detailed reward description

Path of the Spectre

See detailed reward description

Mythic Converter

Please Notice

- This event can only be participated in by Spectres that have been selected as Event Characters. (Once per account)
- This event can be participated in after the JAN 18, 2022 maintenance by creating a new Event Character or selecting a pre-existing
Lv. 100 Spectre character as an Event Character. If a pre-existing Lv. 100 Spectre character has been selected as the Event Character,
the “Song of the Spectre - Spectre Training Phase Missions (Level-up Missions)” cannot be taken, nor will the rewards be available.
- Event Characters cannot be deleted or changed during the event period.
[The Nameless Village and Area Dungeons]
- Only Spectre characters that have been selected as Event Characters can enter the Nameless Village.
- Area Dungeons all count as Optimal Level Dungeons to characters Lv. 17-100.
- Event Character can continue to enter and farm for items after reaching Lv. 100.
- Lv. 100 Epic Equipment that are obtainable differ according to each Area Dungeon.
Click on [Obtainable Rewards] before entering dungeons to check the types of available Epic equipment.
- Training Levels can be increased by completing Training Missions (Spectre Training, Spectre Training Phase, Exploring Phase) and obtaining Training EXP.
- Area Dungeons have 10 levels of difficulties, and obtainable rewards differ according to each difficulty.
- Disassembling equipment obtained in Area Dungeons will yield Spectre Tokens. (Unlike disassembling normal equipment,
no Souls, Epic Fragments, or Clear Cube Fragments will be yielded.)
[Path of the Spectre]
- Upon reaching Lv. 100, Event Characters will not be able to participate in Experience Trial and Exploration Trial missions.
- After clicking a slot to receive an Experience Trial mission, they can be completed in order starting from the first one.
- Exploration Trial missions can be completed regardless of Experience Trial missions, and RP can be obtained every time content is played.
- The Adventure Daily Dungeon Missions of Training/Exploration Trials are an event that can be participated in by account
where points are accumulated for Event Characters automatically upon clearing missions.
[Mythic Converter]
- The Mythic Converter can only be accessed and used by Event Characters.
- The Mythic Converter can only convert Mythic equipment obtained from the “Lv. 100 Untradable Mythic Equipment Box [Song of the Spectre]”
given for reaching Training Level 7.
- All of the equipment’s Reinforcement/Amplification values, Enchants, Mythic Options, and etc. will be reset upon Mythic Equipment Conversion.
- The Mythic Converter will not be able to be used after the event period is over.
Create an Event Character The Nameless Village Posia shop Special Rewards Path of the Spectre Mythic Converter

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