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Marionette start!<3



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Aug 10, 2019 02:19

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Hiya, Its Sooraka, There is my kawaii mage.~
I used Sai print tool done this lovey one. Enhantress is a very lovely Gothic Loli,I like her awakened one avatars, so black and purple are the main tones. She has a bunny doll and a madd teddy bear. I didnt draw bear for some reason :< In game, every one wants our lovely enhantress' favoritism buff.
The action of the character comes from the scene.
And the backround, comes from her 1A"Marionette".I like her Awakening Animation very much. It's like a show is ready to begin. Everyone need like it anyway (same as crux&apo)
When her used Marionette in game, the screen is surrounded by starlight and petals, and I used those in my background.
I used 2 weeks time to done this artwork . Hope you like it <3

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