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Enchantress fanart submission



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Sep 1, 2019 08:27

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I wanted to do a fanart of Ghostblade but the way I was able to approach him was limited since there were so few ways (in my opinion and with my lack of skill) to draw him in an interesting way without breaking the theme of his character. So I went with Hekate, who has a lot more personality in her which is a quality that made it easy to create a narrative, which made the whole design of the fanart a little more straightforward. A teatime, with her friends...

The whole designing and the outlining, penciling, etc was simple for me, it took a day to finalize the whole thing, but the colouring I struggled with the most because it's not something I usually do. This step in the fanart took the better part of two weeks, and I had to look up lectures online to brush up on my memory on how to paint characters/settings... This processes was overall interesting while at the same time being challenging, and there are still a lot of things I have to learn from it.

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