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yggdrasil chronicles

Elemental Heroes Package

To The place whice beckons for aid

Search for the awakened Heroine's strength and memories

Regained strength and memories

Yggdrasil Chronicles Rewards

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Yggdrasil Chronicles Shop Rewards

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Please Note

  • - The Yggdrasil Chronicles event can be participated in by account with characters Level 100 or above.
  • - Normal Dungeons, Ending Dungeons, and Boss Dungeons share entry counts. (Once a day, reset daily at 09:00 UTC),
    Encroached Seal Site has its own separate entry count. (Once a day, reset daily at 09:00 UTC)
  • - Encroached Seal Site can be entered by parties of 1 - 4 players.
  • - Obtained Forgotten Kingdom's Gold Coin and Seal of Forgotten Royalty can be checked at the bottom of the event calendar.
  • - Heroine of Light/Darkness/Chaos, Ketera items obtained from the Heroine's Records missions cannot be used in the following dungeons:
    Raids (including Guide and Scenario), Special Dungeons
  • - All event dungeons have a small chance to drop special Legendary Equipment. They can also each be bought at the Seal of Forgotten Royalty Shop once per account.
  • - All event materials and unused items will be deleted when the event ends at 09:00, OCT 20, 2020 UTC.

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