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  • Junk Collector

    Help clean up the Pandemonium area by collecting Pandemonium Waste from Optimal Level Dungeons!

    2017-01-17 ~ 2017-02-21

  • Daily Gift Program

    Daily Gift Program Begins. Login for 42 days and receive all gifts!

    2017-01-17 ~ 2017-02-21

  • Refer a Friend

    You stand no chance in Pandemonium alone! Recruit your friends to fight the darkness together!

    2017-01-05 ~ 2017-01-24

  • 2017 Begins

    Happy New Year! Go visit the NPCs and maintain the good relationship you have built over the year.

    2017-01-03 ~ 2017-01-17

  • Burning PvP

    Hey, adventurer! Have you been to the Arena? Whether you are victorious or not, you will get rewards just for participating!

    2017-01-03 ~ 2017-01-17

  • Honey Time Plan (2017 Jan)

    Now that 2017 has begun, it's time for a new Honey Time Plan! Enjoy these freebies for just logging in!

    2017-01-03 ~ 2017-01-17

  • Mind of Egene

    Egene has escaped as he could not stand the heat! Rumor has it that the Mind of Egene he dropped while escaping contains tremendous amount of EXP...

    2016-12-20 ~ 2017-01-17

  • 1+1≠2

    1+1 is not 2. I am sure most of you know what this means already. What?!?! You don't know?!?! Well it just means an amazing event has begun!

    2016-12-20 ~ 2017-01-17


    Whether you are new or experienced, it doesn't matter! Let us all play DFO together!

    2016-12-06 ~ 2017-01-17

  • Guild Party

    Are you part of a Guild but isn't as active? Well we got good news for you! Join the Guild Party and be rewarded! Success is sweeter with a Guild!

    2016-11-22 ~ 2017-01-17

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Dungeon Fighter Online is arcade-type belt-scrolling action game mixed with RPG elements and epic storyline. Unlimited excitement awaits you.

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