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We are pleased to finally introduce our official Dungeon Fighter Online content creators! These adventurers keep our community active through various creative activities. There are many diverse content creators on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Reddit who are always sharing DFO related content. Check out all of our DFO's Content Creators below!

  • BenAuton

    Hey, I'm Ben "The Monk God" Auton. If you are an epic gamer then I suggest you come visit my stream over at -- where other epic gamers are known to hang out at. We got endgame PvE √, High-Level PvP √, MEMES √, and we're ready to take on all future challenges Dungeon Fighter Online has to offer. So come be part of the community and let's go on this journey together. : )

  • Sungahime

    Hello magnolias! I'm Sungahime, an exiled demon princess. I used to play DFO back in the Nexon days and have been playing consistently since 2020, and my favorite subclass is Witch! Come swing by my stream if you want to just hang out and chat about DFO, or if you don't mind the occasional ramblings about something DFO-adjacent. Thanks for your support~

  • Synchroneity

    Hi, I’m Mike, also known as Synchroneity or Silly Cow. I’m a DFO veteran of twelve years, and would be more than happy to help players out by answering questions, giving advice, and providing a positive learning environment! You can catch me live on Twitch almost every day of the week, and/or join my Discord for direct assistance. Hope to see you there!

  • AmirGM

    What happens when a giant feathered serpent god, a group of adventurers, and a cat herder come together? You get The Leviathan’s Guild! Hi, I’m Guild Master Amir, and I am that someone who herds cats. Over at my stream, we bring the focus in on you, the player. You got questions? We got answers. You like meemz? We got dem skytree nuts. You like chill vibes and clicky keyboards? We clicky clack here. So come join the guild, you won't regret it.

  • Kooriaisu

    You feel a chill in the air.. Kooriaisu the Blizzard Wizard has arrived! A powerful Ice mage of the HPPB. I've been a glacial master main since I started playing DFO back in 2015 and I am a huge male mage enthusiast. I love hearing about peoples passion for their classes, so if you want a chill stream to hang in then feel free to stop by and join in the fun!

  • ElPanditto

    Que tal mi familia me llamo ElPanditto or you can just call me panda and I'm a Mexican panda who plays DFO since the Nexon days. Come join me through this adventure as we go through this area know as Arad together. También hablo español, así que cualquiera de mis primos o primas que no entiendan lo qe esta pasando en DFO, yo puedo ayudarlos con cualquier información que necesiten. I be on Twitch most of the time so if you need me, you will always fine me there doing dailies, running group content, or abusing the system, I mean playing the great and wonderful events we get every other week, so do not be afraid to say hi. ^w^)/

  • NovaTheLust

    NovaTheLust here, just call me Nova. I exclusively stream Dungeon and Fighter Online. My content will be focused on end game PVE and I will be streaming on Twitch. Feel free to pop in and ask me questions about DFO and I will answer them with the best of my knowledge. You can also check out my Youtube as I will be uploading guides and other fun videos. Anyways, it is an honour to be 2nd season C.C. see you in Arad.

  • ShinKaizen

    What up, y'all? It's ya boi Kaizen! I'm glad to showcase to y'all what keeps me going strong in a fairly casual manner! From Dress-up Fashion Online to soloing content as (certain) protagonists would, to conquering Arad's foes with my company and my plethora of procured puns and play on words. They don't call me Kaizen the WeaPUN Master for nothing (Spoiler alert: they don't). I always aim to improve my skills, both in-game and in real life. Where I lack, I will certainly improve on, as my namesake would.

  • DressUp_Fighter_Online

    I'm DressUp_Fighter_Online, and I'm honored to be one of your DFO Casters. I'm the owner of the DFOArchive blog, where I share all my content about the game. I created this blog because I was tired of searching through various platforms just to find the information I needed. I wanted a place where the information about DFO can be organized and easily found. You can visit my blog at "" and say hi when you see me in game.

  • Khanjali

    Hello everyone, I am Khanjali. Since I started playing DFO more than 10 years ago I’ve been witness to countless stories and experiences I and others in the community have made while exploring the world of Arad. In the interest of sharing these stories, I am starting a series of interviews and discussions with the people of the community. The many members of the DFO community have a unique story to tell, and I aim to make those stories heard.

  • Sikrena

    Hello! I'm Sikrena! I've only been playing since 2020 but I've learned a lot and am trying to help both new and returning players ease back into the game. You can find my "Minimalistic" content guides along with other guides on Reddit and the Adventurer Academics page!

  • Noraly

    Hello, I'm Noraly. A Savior main, raider, farmer and Seria's Room dweller. And I'm here to deliver you Dungeon Fighter digital art. In my case I'll be doing my best to bring you art backed up with some lore, a story or just something that doesn't usually get a proper spotlight or I'll twist it if the source material is lacking in details. May the oink be with you.

  • DLOC

    Hello! I'm DLOC! I mainly draw the style of illustration arts. My top 3 favorite things are drawing, DFO, and petting cats! It is a pleasure to become Content Creator, I am looking forward and excited to create art content for the DFO community. Long Live DFO.

  • Milton

    Hello, I am Milton (LordDiabetus). A casual altaholic who has been playing since the cbt. Do not really have a proper main but I enjoy male nen, m striker, gb and avenger themost.What drew me to dfo was its pixel art style still love it. As for my artworks, you can look forward to some dark and gritty stuff soon.

  • DrawingTurtuga

    Heyo! Drawing Turtuga here. Been in DFO since the Nexon Trailblazer title (o - o). You can catch me in-game as Puppy4Turtle, being an ALTaholic. I like to bring my style of Artwork to you in the form of comics and illustrations. I have a ton of fun doing them and like to add a little humor to them. I believe true endgame is your drip!... so I frequent the DFOG Discord where I could pick your Adventurer's outstanding dress-up to draw. Take care! =]

  • MezzaFGC

    Hello I am Mezza. CEO of NightFall as well the owner. DFO has been a big part of my life as I am also a professional fighting game competitor who plays DNFDuel. I have always run FGC tournaments in the past and for over 13 years I have been a part of the Fighting Game community. For me DFO was always entertaining and fun to watch so I want to share that with everyone by bringing exciting PVP content.

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