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We are pleased to finally introduce our official Dungeon Fighter Online content creators! These adventurers keep our community active through various creative activities. There are many diverse content creators on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Reddit who are always sharing DFO related content. Check out all of our DFO's Content Creators below!

  • BenAuton

    Hey, I'm Ben "The Monk God" Auton. If you are an epic gamer then I suggest you come visit my stream over at -- where other epic gamers are known to hang out at. We got endgame PvE √, High-Level PvP √, MEMES √, and we're ready to take on all future challenges Dungeon Fighter Online has to offer. So come be part of the community and let's go on this journey together. : )

  • AegisRick

    hYoo! What is up Knights... AegisRick Here! My content has primarilly been in the form of YouTube Videos and I've created them nonstop since the game released some 5 years ago. My videos range from Guides, Podcasts, Updates, PvE and once upon a time even some PvP as well! It should go without saying, I am very passionate about the game. If you share in this passion, or simply have a question, come stop by some time on YouTube or Twitch! EK FTW!

  • Lukepwn

    Hi! My name is Lukepwn. I am super grateful for this opportunity of being an official content creator. After receiving positive feedback from the community, it became my pastime to share my journey through making videos. I have now played DFO for 5 years. I hope to do collabs with some amazing people in the community and learn more of what it takes to be a DFO player. Be sure to follow me and be prepared for awesome content in the future!

  • [~Isanaki~]

    Hi guys! CA Isa here. As your DFO Caster I hope to bring you guys as many tips and tricks and guides as possible! Feel free to hit me up on Discord if you guys have any questions or suggestions for a guide/tips. Anything I know I'll be happy to share and what I don't know, I will do my best to look up! This includes things from other versions if I'm able to find it. I look forward to helping everyone learn a little more about DFO! Long live DFO!

  • Liaowen

    Hello, my name is Liaowen. I draw and upload anime drawings on Twitter, Pixiv, Deviantart and Reddit. Drawing as been part of my life ever since I was little. I spend much of my time studying artworks and experimenting with new styles. I'd like to thank Neople and the staff for providing me with this amazing opportunity as a content creator for Dungeon Fighter Online to showcase and improve my skills and promote the game I enjoy at the same time.

  • RaidyLight

    Hi! I'm Raidy! I create art and animations for fun! I love DFO and I'm super excited to be a content creator! If it has pink or is covered in sugar, I love it. Mage is the best class! Feel free to stop me for a hug! Stay positive or Bunton won’t love you.

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