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1. CHALLENGE | Create a character! Set on the challenge! Claim your rewards!

1. How to be a Challenger!
Select Challenge Level for a new Character(Limited by once per an account). Complete a Challenge and Claim Rewards. Rewards are available at the Mailbox.
2. Reward Details
1. Once selected, Challenger Level cannot be modified. 2. Reward will be acquired via mailbox when completing the Challenge. 3. Types of accessories that acquirable from Event Box are Ring, Neckless, and Bracelet. 4. Challenge Reward can be only obtained by once per an account.

2.CREATURE | FREE CREATURE for new characters! – HE is now with you folks!

1. How to get a Creature
Receive a Creature at initial log-in of newly created character. Creature is available at your Inventory. Check creature tab and equip.
SD Danjun

3.BONUS | All new characters created during the event will receive the items which helps levelling-up at certain level section.

1. Bouns Rewards
If your Character is newly created one. when your character levels up. make sure to check the Mailbox!
2. Bonus Reward Details
1. Some items may be deleted on expiration date. 2. Bonus Rewards can be obtained by all newly created characters.