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Nobless Code


Dungeon Info

  • Dungeon Entry Level: 110
  • Daily Entry Limit: None
  • Fatigue: 60 (Fixed)
  • Party Mode: Not available
  • Entry Fame: Adventurer Fame is required to enter the dungeons, depending on the difficulty 
Mode Normal
Difficulty Normal Expert Master
Fame Requirement 16,880 23,788 29,631
  • Entry Materials
Icon Name Normal Expert Master
Noblesse Code Admission Ticket (Normal) O X X
Noblesse Code Admission Ticket (Expert) O O X
Noblesse Code Admission Ticket (Master) O O O



  • Level 110 characters from your account can enter the Noblesse Code channel after completing the Last Bastion quest.
  • In the Noblesse Code channel, you can create a Noblesse Code Mission lobby through NPC Lindsey Rossum.
  • You can select Normal, Expert, or Master mode depending on the Adventurer Fame of your characters.
  • You can create a Mission lobby through NPC Lindsey Rossum in the Noblesse Code channel or upon entering the portal on the right side.
  • Form a team with chracters from your account, and then press the Start Mission button to start your Noblesse Code operation.


Dungeon Basic Rules

Time Limit

  • A 50-minute limit is applied upon starting the content.


Abandon Mission

  • During Noblesse Code, you can abandon your mission through the mini-map on the upper right side.
  • When you abandon your mission, your dungeon progression will be reset and the entry materials you used will not be returned to you.


Combat Restrictions

  • No Consumables can be used.
  • No Life Tokens can be used inside the dungeons.
  • Once you enter the content, you can't open your inventory or switch your equipment.
  • Your current HP, MP, and skill cooldown will be retained during the content, even after clearing dungeons.


Form Team

  • You can form a team with 1 to 4 characters on your account.
  • Once you start Noblesse Code with the team you've created, it will be locked in until 09:00 UTC next day and its members can't be changed until then.

Dungeon Progression System

  • You can use your current character's Fatigue and Entry materials to start Noblesse Code.
  • When you start Noblesse Code, all the map elements will be randomly repositioned as you're moved to the Start screen.

  • Press the Map button (hotkey: N) to see the full Noblesse Code map.
  • Select a gate to move your entire team in that direction.
  • If there's an enemy or Mission object in your way, you can select one of your team members and eliminate the obstacle.
  • If you eliminate the obstacle, it will disappear, clearing the path to the next area.
  • The objects marked as ? on the map can be obtained by your team members or can be ignored.
  • Defeat Queen Destroyer in the last area, Queen Fallt, and Noblesse Code will be cleared.
  • If you exceed the time limit or lose all your team members, you'll fail Noblesse Code.



  • Monsters create a chance of dropping Equipment items.
  • You'll get some Material items upon clearing the Noblesse Code dungeon.
  • Obtained Material items will be added to the character that used Fatigue and the Entry materials to enter the content.
  • After the content, each character creates a chance of getting 1 or 2 Reward slots.

  • After clearing or failing the Noblesse Code dungeon, you can talk to NPC Michelle Curio in the Noblesse Code channel and distribute the loot among your team members.
  • You can distribute rewards to your characters in the Distribute Reward screen.
  • Undistributed items will disappear.

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