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The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid


The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Hard Mode

  • Fame Entry : 45,142
  • Shares reward count with the following contents.
    - The Machine Revolution: Total War
    - The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode
Major Changes 

  • When encountering the following enemies, all of the Great Dragons will appear.
    - Magic Dragon Basilisk
    - Gherda of the Ice
    - Nine-tailed Blona
    - Wicked Dragon Nympha

  • By defeating each Great Dragon, the Anti-Bakal Weapon will be activated.
  • The Anti-Bakal Weapon can be used once per type, up to a maximum of 3 times.
  • Within The Cruel King of Dragons’ Palace dungeon, the Party leader can use the dungeon special key to perform bombardment.
  • When the HP of the Dragon King Bakal is decreased by 50%, a special additional pattern will be activated.
  • "Time to Extinguish the Fire" Damage Buff will be highly increased compared to The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid Normal Mode
Main Rewards  Lv. 105 Fixed/Custom Option Epic Equipment (Lv. 65 – 75)
 Warped Dimension Cube (Untradable)
 Warped Dimension Cube – Fiery Breath (Untradable)
Cruel King of Dragons’ Anvil
  • Fiery Breath option can be added to the Bakal Fusion Weapon by using the Cruel King of Dragons' Anvil.
  • To convert Fiery Breath option, players can use Warped Dimension Cube - Fiery Breath.


Official Guide for The Marchine Revolution: Bakal Raid

Content Guide Link
Mni Bosses & Buffs Click
Magic Dragon Basilisk Click
Swan the Little Rascal Click
Eclair the Thunder Click
Steitze of Lightning Click
Nine-tailed Blona Click
Wicked Dragon Nympha Click
Gherda of the Ice Click
Death Dragon Spirazzi Click
Berserk Dragon Hismar Click
Ice Dragon Skasa Click
Bakal, Cruel King of Dragons Click

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