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Avatar Effects

  • Each class has a base appearance.
  • However, you can change the appearance to your liking by equipping Avatars.
  • Avatar also have useful stats.
  • In addition, there are Set Effects for equipping multiple Avatars together.

Avatar Types

Look Avatars Clone Avatars Rare Avatars Rare Clone Avatars


Look Avatars

- Look Avatars can be purchased from the CERA Shop. Avatars consists of 9 Pieces and change the appearance of your character.

Clone Avatar

- Clone Avatars can be worn on top of Look Avatars, and do not have any cosmetic appearance.
- They will add additional stats depending on 3, 5, 8 piece set effects.

Rare Avatar

- These Avatars have higher stats than Clone Avatars and increase your Town Movement Speed.
- Unlike Look and Clone Avatars, Rare Avatars cannot be purchased from the CERA Shop.
- They can be obtained randomly by combining Avatars using "Bind Cubes" or through Avatar conversion.

- Top/Bottom Rare Avatars have an additional Platinum Emblem Socket. Top/Bottom Rare Avatars can equip 3 Emblems each.

Rare Clone Avatar

- Rare Clone Avatars have same stats as Rare Avatars but do not have any cosmetic appearance.
- They are used to copy designs of other Avatars while having the benefits of Rare Avatar Set Effects/stats.

Sundering Avatars

- If you have Avatars you don't use or want to get rid of, sunder them through NPC Daphne in Underfoot.
- When you sunder an Avatar, you may obtain valuable Emblems you can sell in the Auction House or ones you want to use.


  1. Find NPC Daphne

- Click Daphne in Underfoot and click [Sunder Avatar] from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select the Avatar you wish to sunder

- When the Sunder Avatar window is active, drag-drop the Avatar you wish to sunder.
- When sundering is complete, your Avatar will be consumed and you will receive random Emblems.
* You can get a better reward if the disassembled Avatar has a Gold Emblem equipped!

Avatar Market


- In the Avatar Market, you can conveniently Purchase, Sell, Search and Check Avatars in bundles.

How to use

- You can use the Avatar Market function, in the [Avatar Market channel].

- After moving to the Avatar Market channel, you can use Avatar Market, Browse Avatar, Showcase Avatar through NPC Dalvi or NPC Hills menu in the main map.

※ Only Shop(Basic Emblems) is available for NPC Dalvi in Seria's room, and Avatar Market functions can be only used after leaving the room.

Avatar Market

You can Find, Purchase, Sell, Search and Look Avatars in bundles.

Browse Avatar

This feature that allows you to take a look at all the Avatar Sets officially released by Dungeon Fighter Online.
You can take a look at Normal, Rare and Mixed Avatars by sets and check whether they are registered with the Avatar Market Search function.

Showcase Avatar

This feature allows you to share a bundle of Avatars with other adventurers or check the bundle of Avatars shared by other adventurers.
You can recommend the registered Avatars through the "Like" button and check the bundle of Avatars that received the most likes for each season in the 'Hall of Fashion' tab.

Click "Avatar Info" to check the individual names of registered Avatars.


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