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Cube Contract and Elements

Cube Contract

  • Cube Contracts allow you to use different color Cube Fragments to give it elemental properties to weapons or obtain buffs such as increased Attack.
  • If the weapon you are using is not equipped with an element, it is effective to use the Cube Contract to apply the Fire/Water/Light/Shadow Element enhancement stats.


How to Use Cube Contracts

  • Cube Contracts can be obtained through CERA purchase / Gold purchase / Event rewards / other CERA items.
    You can activate the buff by designating the colored Cube if the Cube Contract is applied.
  • The Cube in use is registered and displayed in 'Contract' at the bottom of the Cube vault.
  • You can cancel/change the Cube you want to use by clicking on the registered Cube or another Cube.
  • One Cube is consumed every 30 seconds in the dungeon when registering a Cube, and you can receive a buff corresponding to the Cube.
  • When a buff is applied, the buff effect and icon being applied are displayed in the bottom left of the screen in the character buff area.


Cube Buff Effect

Cube Color Effect
Black Gives Shadow Element to weapon every 30 seconds
White Gives Light Element to weapon every 30 seconds
Red Gives Fire Element to weapon every 30 seconds
Blue Gives Water Element to the weapon every 30 seconds
Clear Increases weapon's Physical, Independent, and Magical Attack by 40 every 30 seconds


  • One Cube is consumed every 30 seconds, and even if the dungeon is cleared, they continuously consumed and the buff is renewed until you leave the dungeon.
  • If you die and revive with Life Tokens, the buff effect may not be applied until the next Cube is consumed.
  • Buff will not be applied if there are not enough Cubes to consume.

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