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How to add an Enchant

  • You can add additional stats to your equipment by enchanting. Enchanting cards can only enchant values to certain equipment parts.
  • If your profession is an enchanter, you can directly enchant your items. If your not an enchanter, you can enchant items through enchant shops of other adventurers.
  • Once you have all the materials required for an enchant, register the equipment and card at the enchant shop and pay the fee to begin enchanting.


[Register Equipment and Enchanting Card]

[On Success]



  • Enchanters can create a bead that allows you to directly enchant an equipment without using the enchanter's shop.


Card Upgrade

  • The performance of some cards can be enhanced by upgrading.
  • The card of the same grade as the card you want to upgrade will be consumed.

  • You can upgrade the card through NPC 'Abello' in Hendon Myre → West Coast by clicking the [Upgrade Card] menu.

  • A card of the same grade as the card you want to upgrade is required, and the more material cards you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Be careful not to use the card you want to upgrade as a material.

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