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Reinforcement, Amplify, Refine

Item Reinforcement

Equipment can be reinforced to upgrade its stats.
Stats increased by reinforcement differs based on the equipment type.

  • Weapon : +Physical/Magical Atk.
  • Armor: Physical Damage Reduction / Additional Physical Damage Reduction
  • Accessory: Magical Damage Reduction / Additional Magical Damage Reduction
  • Magic Stone/Sub Equipment: +STR/VIT/INT/SPI
  • Earring: +Magical/Physical/Independent Atk.

At higher reinforcement values, the amount of stats you gain per level is greater but the risk is also greater.
Weapons can be reinforced to +12, and other equipments to +10 without being destroyed.

※ Otherversal Energy items or items with Dimensional Stats cannot be reinforeced.


Reinforcement consumes Gold and Clear Cube Fragments.
Go to Kiri in Underfoot and select the reinforcement menu from the drop-down to begin reinforcement.

Reinforcement can succeed or fail. After certain reinforcement values, there are penalties upon failing.

Weapon Type Penalty
  • +0 ~ + 10 : No penalty
  • +10 → +11 : Reinforcement value decreased by 3 upon failure
  • +11 → +12 : Reinforcement value decreased by 3 upon failure
  • +12 → +13 ~: Equipment destroyed upon failure (If Equipment Protection Ticket is used, reinforcement value is reset to 0)
Armors/Accessory/Special Equipment
  • +0 ~ + 10 : No Penalty
  • +10 → +11 ~: Equipment destroyed upon failure (If Equipment Protection Ticket is used, reinforcement value is reset to 0)


Amplification is a system that includes all stat upgrades provided by reinforcement plus an additional base stat increase such as HP/MP Max, +STR/INT/VIT/SPI. (You can think of it as an upgraded version of reinforcement.)
It can be accessed through Klonter in Underfoot. Since it provides an even bigger upgrade than reinforcement, it requires a lot more preparation.

Before Amplifying

In order to amplify, you must check if your item has one of the following options: Dimensional Strength, Dimensional Intelligence, Dimensional Vitality, Dimensional Spirit.
This option is randomly given to the equipment when you purify an item that is tainted by the Otherversal Energy. Items tainted by Otherversal Energy are dropped by chance in dungeons.

Equipment tainted by "Otherversal Energy' cannot be equipped/disassembled/reinfroced. Hence, it must be 'purified' first.

Preparing Amplification - Purifying

  1. Create [Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll] 

In order to purify an 'Otherversal Energy’ equipment, you need an 'Otherverse Energy Pufication Scroll.'
This scroll can be created by purchasing 'Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll Recipe' from Klonter and collecting the materials required.

  1. Item Purification

Right click the 'Otherverse Purification Scroll' to use it on an item you wish to purify.

  1. Check Purified Item

Click [OK] button to purify the item. Purified items will be given one of the following abilities randomly: Dimensional Strength, Dimensional Intelligence, Dimensional Vitality and Dimensional Spirit.


To amplify equipment, you need 'Crystallized Chaos().' It can be purchased at Klonter's shop or through the Auction Hall.
When you have prepared Crystallized Chaos, click Klonter and select the [Amplify] menu. 

When you drag-drop an item into the Amplify window, it will display the amount of gold and Crystallized Chaos required to amplify. When you click the [Confirm] button, gold and Crystallized Chaos will be consumed and amplification will be completed.

There are penalties for failing amplification depending on the amplify value as shown below. Please be cautious when attempting to amplify.

Equipment Type Penalty
Weapon/Armors/Accessory/Special Equipment

+0 ~ +4: No penalty

+4 → +5: Amplify value decreased
+5 → +6: Amplify value decreased
+6 → +7: Amplify value decreased

+7 → +8: Amplify value reset
+8 → +9: Amplify value reset
+9 → +10: Amplify value reset

+10 ~: Equipment destroyed (If you use Amplification Protection Ticket, equipment is not destroyed. Only the amplify value will be reset.)


Refining is used to increase a weapon's independent attack. Go to Blacksmith Jun with 'Powerful Energy.'
‘Powerful Energy’ can be obtained from Suju Arena (Silver/Gold Dragon Tournament), Joah Ferrero (Weekly Dungeon), Guild Dungeon shop, Red Tail Johnathan's shop and Mt. Kulun dungeons.

Drag and drop the weapon you wish to refine on to the weapon refiner.

If refining is successful, your weapon's independent attack will be increased. If it fails, it will remain the same.
At higher refine values, the amount of independent attack increased per level is greater. Unlike reinforcement/amplification, your refine value does not decrease and weapon cannot be destroyed upon failure.
Weapons can be refined up to +8. The higher the refine value, the more Powerful Energy it will consume per attempt.

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