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After Reaching Lv.110

The Next Journey

New Dungeon Difficulty System

  • A new dungeon difficulty system will be applied to the newly added Level 100 - 110 dungeons.
  • You can select your difficulty mode for the Scenario dungeons.
  • Hero mode will be added to the Normal dungeons.
  • An unlockable difficulty system will be added.
    - The unlocked difficulties are applied per account.
    - If a party leader has unlocked a difficulty mode, then his entire party can enter the mode, regardless of the individual members' unlock statuses.
  • Entering these dungeons require a certain amount of Adventurer Fame.
Mode Scenario Normal Dungeon Difficulty Unlock Conditions
Normal O O -
Expert O O Clear Normal in Solo mode.
Master O O Clear Expert in Solo mode.
King O O Clear Master in Solo mode.
Slayer X O Clear King in Solo mode.


Play Point

  • You can get 30 Play Point on a weekly basis from Play Point Shop.
  • Play Points accumulate per character, up to 100 at a time.
    - Play Points can't be reset.
  • You can access the Play Point Shop through the Play Point icon in the Esc menu or below your Fatigue bar.
  • You can use your accumulated Play Points to buy the following items at the Play Point Shop.
  • All Play Point Shop products are untradable.

Product Required Materials Details
Play Point (30) None Contains 30 Play Points.
Only 1 unit can be purchased per character every week.
Requires Level 100 or above.
Noblesse Code: Dusk (Normal) Admission Ticket 14 Play Points Used to enter Noblesse Code: Dusk (Normal).
Noblesse Code: Dusk (Expert) Admission Ticket 18 Play Points Used to enter Noblesse Code: Dusk (Normal - Expert).
Noblesse Code: Dusk (Master) Admission Ticket 22 Play Points Used to enter Noblesse Code: Dusk (Normal - Master).
Noblesse Code (Normal) Admission Ticket 32 Play Points Used to enter Noblesse Code (Normal).
Noblesse Code (Expert) Admission Ticket 40 Play Points Used to enter Noblesse Code (Normal - Expert).
Noblesse Code (Master) Admission Ticket 48 Play Points Used to enter Noblesse Code (Normal - Master).
Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Normal) Admission Ticket 16 Play Points Used to enter the Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Normal).
Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Expert) Admission Ticket 20 Play Points Used to enter the Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Normal - Expert).
Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Master) Admission Ticket 24 Play Points Used to enter the Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Normal - Master).
The Meister's Laboratory (Normal) Admission Ticket 22 Play Points Used to enter The Meister's Laboratory (Normal).
The Meister's Laboratory (Expert) Admission Ticket 26 Play Points Used to enter The Meister's Laboratory (Expert).
The Meister's Laboratory (Master) Admission Ticket 30 Play Points Used to enter The Meister's Laboratory (Master).


Emergency Mission

  • The Emergency mission has a chance of appearing in Normal dungeons after Level 100.
  • When it becomes available in a map, it will appear in the UI and on your mini-map.
  • You can enter the Emergency mission through a rift.

  • If you enter in a party, all your party members will receive the same mission.
  • There are various types of Emergency missions: defeat Named/Boss monsters, destroy certain objects, etc.

  • When you complete an Emergency mission, you'll receive a reward to your inventory.
  • The Emergency mission is only valid inside your current dungeon; it disappears if you go to town or leave the dungeon.


DFO Mission


  • Daily/Weekly missions will be added.
  • You can access these missions through the new information button added to the Notification area.
  • This mission system requires Level 100 or above.
  • The Daily missions are provided per character; Weekly, per account.
  • All your Daily missions will be reset daily at 09:00 UTC
  • You can change your Daily mission once for free every day, if you haven't claimed your reward yet. After that, it costs 1,000 Gold to change it.
  • If you don't perform Daily missions, you'll get as many Rest bonuses as the number of missions left unclear, up to 12.
  • If you have 4 or more Rest bonuses, you can use 4 to double your reward upon completing a Daily mission.
  • Every time you complete a Daily mission, points accumulate, creating an additional Completion reward for you.
  • The more your Rest bonuses, the more your points.
  • The Weekly missions are reset on Tuesday at 09:00 UTC
  • If you complete all the Weekly missions, you'll get an additional Completion reward.
  • All missions' difficulty level and reward increase, depending on your Adventurer Fame or your achievement status.
  • All Mission rewards are issued directly to your inventory.
  • If your inventory is full, then they will be sent to your Mailbox instead.


Monster Collection


  • Monster Collections will be added.
  • Monster Collections are applied per account.
  • Monster Collections consist of monsters that appear in the Level 110 content.
  • You can access your Monster Collections through inventory → Consumables tab → Monster Collection button on the right side.
  • Collect monster fragments through various routes and use them to upgrade monsters in your Monster Collections.
  • Monsters update their appearance, basic information, story, etc. every time they're upgraded.
  • Each monster grade requires different monster pieces.


Grade Necessary Materials Necessary Quantity
0 Star → 1 Star Corresponding monster fragments:  1-Star 10
1 Star → 2 Star Corresponding monster fragments: 2-Star 10
2 Stars → 3 Star Corresponding monster fragments: 3-Star 10
3 Stars → 4 Star Corresponding monster fragments: 4-Star 10
4 Stars → 5 Star Corresponding monster fragments: 5-Star 10
  • Each dungeon offers 3 cumulative rewards. You can claim them upon reaching the required number of monster grades within the content for each reward.
  • Rewards include Resonating Ominous Crystals, Red Dusk Crystals, Transformation Costumes, and decorative Hat Avatars.
  • Monster fragments have a chance of being dropped from their monsters in 2 different types: Untradable or Tradable.
  • The Untradable type is immediately added to your Monster Collection inventory.
  • The Tradable type is added to your character inventory.
  • You can refine or disassemble monster fragments in the Fragment inventory in Monster Collection.
  • Multiple fragments at the same grade can be refine into a higher-graded fragment.
    - If this fails, some of the fragments you used will be returned to you.
  • Certain fragments can be disassembled into a lower-graded fragment.


Action Quality Improvement

Neutralize Gauge

  • The Neutralize Gauge system will be added.
  • It will be added to Named and Boss monsters in certain areas and on certain modes.
    - Each monster has a different weakness and gauge amount.
  • Attack its weakness and fully drain its Neutralize gauge to destroy the gauge.
    - When this gauge is destroyed, the monster becomes vulnerable to Abnormal statuses, Neutralize, Immobility, and other debuffs.
    - This gauge is restored over time, increasing its maximum amount along the way.


Abnormal Status Update

  • Abnormal Status-related options will be updated.
  • The Abnormal Status levels will be deleted.
  • Abnormal Status Tolerance options will be updated.
    - Tolerances against the Damage-type statuses (Bleeding, Poison, Shock, and Burn) will now increase/decrease the damage amount.
    - Tolerances against the other types will increase/decrease the status effect's success chance.
  • The following Abnormal Status effects will be updated.
Status New Effects
Freeze/Burn Applying Burn during Freeze immediately cancels Freeze and applies 105% of Atk.
Fire elemental attacks can no longer cancel Freeze.
Applying Freeze to a moving monster temporarily pauses its movement until it's released.
Burning targets now apply 10% of their Atk. to monsters in 150 px around them.
Sleep Sleeping now restores 1% of HP every second for the time being.
An incoming attack immediately cancels Sleep, and 150% of Atk. is applied to this awakening attack.
Petrification Petrification decreases incoming damage by 10% for its duration. Its incoming damage reduction rate is decreased by 1% every second.
Applying Petrification to a moving monster temporarily pauses its movement until it's released.
Shock Continuous damage is applied for its duration separately from the damage added to attacks.
Blind Blinding monsters now decreases their Hit Rate.
Confusion Confusing monsters now temporarily pause their movement.
Curse Randomly applies 1 Abnormal status, excluding the Damage type.
Being Cursed no longer decreases stats.


DFO Time Converter

DFO’s server use’s UTC as the standard time.

However, you can use this feature to convert

the UTC time to your local time.

This will allow you to keep track of important things

such as start/end of events, expiration of

event/sale items, etc. in your local time.

This setting will only be applied to the current

browser you are accessing from.

Server Time

09 : 28

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 (UTC)

Local Time
Local Time

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Tue, 10 Oct 2017