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Advancement and Awakening

Advancement and Awakening

  • You can advance your character to a subclass at Lv. 15.
    - For example, if you have chosen a Female Slayer, you can advance to a Sword Master, Demon Slayer, Vagabond, Dark Templar, or Spectre
  • Upon Advancement, you will obtain various subclass-specific skills.
  • After Advancement, the next step is Awakening.
  • The 1st Awakening is available at Lv. 50, and the 2nd Awakening is available at Lv. 75, and Neo Awakening is available at Lv. 100.
  • Side Story Characters have no Advancement subclasses. They can strengthen their characters by Self-Awakening.


  • Upon reaching Lv. 15, you can advance through NPC Linus in Elvenguard.
  • You can try out the various Advancement subclasses through Linus.

  • You can change your Advancement by clicking the "Change Subclass" button on top of the Skill Window until Lv. 49. (Costs gold)
    • The character in Fast Leveling Mode cannot change its Advancement regardless of the character's level.
  • Each character's Advancement subclasses can be found here.

1st Awakening

Upon reaching Lv. 50, you can proceed with your 1st Awakening through the Scenario Dungeon in Northmyre.

  • Once you have completed your 1st Awakening, you will obtain Lv. 50+ skills such as your 1st Awakening passive/active skill.
  • Upon 1st Awakening, your character's potential will awaken and you will gain additional stats.
  • Side Story Characters can Self-Awaken to obtain new skills and upgrade character stats.

2nd Awakening

  • Upon reaching Lv. 75, you can awaken for the 2nd time through Siran in Shonan area.
  • After 2nd Awakening, you can obtain Lv. 75+ skills.
  • Your characters stats will also increase.
  • Side Story Characters can 2nd Awaken to gain new skills and upgrade character stats.

Neo: Awakening

  • You can Neo: Awaken your character after reaching Lv. 100.
  • By Neo: Awakening your character, new and more powerful skills are unlocked and can be used.

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